The wine glass is an indispensable everyday object that comes in many different shapes and sizes. A special wine glass becomes even more special if it is personalized to strengthen the brand identity and to distinguish it from other brands. But how do you choose the right wine glass for the right type of wine? We reveal the secrets of each glass to you so that you can drink your favourite wine with the right wine glass and experience the best taste experience.


A good wine tasting always begins with the right choice of glass. Indeed, the choice of glass influences the pleasure of the taste and the pleasure of the eyes. For example, the development of the aromas of a wine served in a crystal glass becomes more intense and aromatic. Furthermore, the shape and size of the wine glass determines the development and reaction of the wine during tasting.

how to choose the right wine glasshow to choose the right wine glass

Wine glass with one foot

The foot of the wine glass makes it easier to hold the glass and swivel the wine. In addition, a wine glass with a foot and style avoids heating the wine and possible fingerprints on the goblet. A wine glass with a foot and a stem is very practical for these reasons.

Wine glass with a tulip shape

The tulip shape of the wine glass allows a better concentration of the aromas. The glass should be wide at the bottom of the goblet and narrow at the top.

Wine glass with a shape that narrows towards the top

The wine's volatile aromas, which are released on contact with oxygen, rise up the glass wall and are "captured" by the upwardly narrowed shape. In this way the aromas of the wine are concentrated.

Crystal glass wine glass

Classic wine glasses made of crystal gallium make it easier to observe and enjoy the colour of the wine. Crystal glasses are generally positioned as high quality because they bring brilliance, finesse and purity and offer optimal clarity.

The white wine glass: neither too big nor too small

The white wine glass should be neither too big nor too small and is often served in small bellied glasses. This makes it possible:

  • to preserve the fruity aromas
  • to maintain the coolness of the wine
  • to transmit the aromas better (even at cooler temperatures) when the glass is brought to the nose

A white wine in a small glass is not very expressive, but it keeps its liveliness in the mouth, while its aromas are immediately more singing and stimulating in a large glass, but can drop off after a few minutes of tasting. Important is the slightly conical shoulder of the glass, which gives the wine in the glass the space to rotate to release and intensify the aromas.

The Rosé wine glass: thin and medium sized

The rosé wine is very popular at the moment. This wine was best enjoyed in tall and thin wine glasses. Through wine glasses, which are narrower at the top, this fruity and flowery wine is unfolded in such a way that all these aromas can unfold directly in the mouth.

The red wine glass: round and voluminous


A red wine is best enjoyed in a large wine glass. This allows the wine to be mixed with a lot of oxygen and thus unfold its aroma. The red wine glass is preferably voluminous, curved and with a wide opening. Red wines are often served in wide-bellied wine glasses. This makes it possible:

  • the improved transmission of the aroma mixtures when the glass is far away from the nose
  • a larger surface so that the ethanol vapours evaporate better
  • that the tasting is milder due to the larger opening

In this way, the wine comes into contact with a sufficient amount of oxygen, which allows the development of its woody and spicy base notes.

The champagne glass: elegant and fine

The classic champagne glass is a tall, slim glass with a thin stem. The reduced diameter of the glass reduces the loss of bubbles from champagne or sparkling wine like Prosecco. In addition, with a slightly curved shape, the bubbles can be reflected and the aromas can develop perfectly.

Personalise your wine glass

The uniqueness of each wine glass contributes to the image of the exclusivity of each wine. Therefore, a wine glass personalised with the logo of your cellar or your company allows you to highlight the unique taste of your vintage. In addition, a personalised glass helps you to stand out from your competitors and strengthen customer loyalty. Your wine is unique, so drink it in a unique glass!

Personalised wine glass on Glassmania for La GrappePersonalised wine glass on Glassmania for La Grappe
Fabian & Christopher with their branded personalised wine glass © La Grappe

The example of La Grappe:

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