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Personalised carafe

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A personalised carafe - a growing trend !

More and more companies are banning plastic bottles in their offices and switching to the personalised carafe. More and more company restaurants are also wondering whether all plastic bottles should be replaced by personalised glass carafes.

Personalised glass carafes are also becoming increasingly popular in private households. The lasting effect plays an increasingly important role.

Personalised carafe for every occasion

  • A personalised carafe - an added value for every company
  • Personalised carafe - A work of art
  • A personalised carafe for the wedding
  • A personalised carafe for your home
  • A personalised carafe as a gift

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A personalised carafe - quick and easy personalisation at Glassmania !

On Glassmania you will find a selection of different decanters in the online catalogue. All decanters are of very high quality. The carafes can be personalised in the Glassmania glass configurator. In the configurator you can choose between screen printing and digital printing. Here you will find more information about both printing methods

You can personalise your carafes in just a few steps. You can choose different models or upload your own logo, add names or photos. A special feature is that you can number the carafes or personalise them with individual names. All designs can be printed in relief on the decanter. This further enhances the tactile experience of the carafe.


A personalised carafe - an added value for every company

Your company's identity must be conveyed by a clear message. By reducing plastic waste in the company and using reusable packaging, such as personalised glass carafes, your company can position itself as innovative and attractive. 

Personalised glass carafes will ensure the well-being of your employees. They do not pose any health risks and are more practical and attractive than PET bottles. They enhance the attractiveness of your company's brand by emphasising environmental and wellness factors.

  • A personalised carafe - Unique thanks to a numbering system

A personalised carafe becomes even more unique when it is adapted to each employee. This is possible thanks to the carafe configurator: carafes can now be quickly and easily provided with the company logo and the name of each employee, which makes personalised carafes unique and also gives employees a sense of appreciation. The demand for such individual personalised carafes for employees is currently very high.

Personalised carafe - A work of art

The trend towards personalised carafes is essential today. Personalisation on glass carafes has been perfected in recent years and can now offer an incredible variety of possibilities on glass carafes.

  • Creativity: Creativity has no limits. A photo, an image or a souvenir. Become an artist and transform your glass carafe into a unique work of art.
  • Unique and personal: Each personalised carafe becomes unique! What if your customer receives a personalised carafe with his or her name written on it? Each personalised carafe can be adapted to the needs of the consumer.
  • Customised carafe - unite all the senses with a 3D effect

Digital printing on the carafes unites all the senses for consumers. From now on, the personalised carafe becomes a tactile experience with three-dimensional effects. Transparent and coloured relief on a carafe is now possible. Until now, a personalised carafe, with a personal production mould, required long and costly investments in design and production. This process makes it practically impossible for individual companies to produce small editions. It is rare to see a carafe made to measure. With digital 3D printing, different companies can make a strong differentiation on a carafe, turning the standard carafe into a work of art.

A personalised carafe for the wedding

A personalised carafe as a wedding gift or even as a guest gift? Both variants attract attention and will impress not only the bride and groom but also the guests. There are many possibilities for designing personalised carafes for weddings. On the one hand, it is possible to create a noble design and finish the personalisation with a real gold print, or you can decide to make the carafes even more personal, thanks to numbering. The carafe becomes a real unicum. If the personalised carafes are to be offered to guests, you can print the name of each guest on each carafe. How you design the personalised carafes depends on your creativity: A photo, a text or even a relief on the carafe - there are almost no limits. 

A personalised carafe for your home

"Zero waste" or "zero plastic" are particularly important trends in private households. Everybody is paying more and more attention to producing less waste in order to protect our environment. Consumption of plastic packaging has increased sharply in recent years worldwide. In our daily lives, we can change a lot of things ourselves without having to put too much strain on ourselves. The question of "purchasing without packaging" is becoming more and more important in all areas. New "shops without packaging" or shopping concepts avoiding large piles of waste are appearing everywhere. This is why customised carafes are particularly suitable for reducing the consumption of plastic bottles. It is particularly important to mention that glass carafes are in fact a natural product and do not emit any harmful substances, as is the case with plastic.

A personalised carafe as a gift

Personalised carafes are becoming increasingly popular. With the growing environmental awareness, the personalised glass carafe is perfectly in line with the "Zero Waste" philosophy. At Glassmania you will find different types of carafes: Carafes can be glass bottles, but also normal carafes for bottling water through a tap. 


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