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Gin glasses - Which glass for your gin and tonic?

The best gin tonics can only be appreciated in the most unusual and beautiful gin glasses. It is important to know in which glasses you serve the Gin Tonic so that you can amaze your guests. There is a multitude of different gin glasses. We have selected the classics and the most modern gin glasses for you.

Gin glasses as a long drink glass

The gin glass par excellence! This highball or long drink glass is classic and has the advantage of being timeless and versatile. It is ideal for being filled to the brim with ice cubes to keep the cocktail cool. The aim is to have maximum contact between the gin glass and the ice cubes. Long drink gin glasses are most commonly used to serve gin and tonics or gin-based cocktails such as the Gin Fizz or Tom Collins.

In addition, let your imagination run wild and add citrus fruits to colour your cocktails. Lime and grapefruit, for example, are fruits that go well with gin and tonic! Discover all gin tonic glasses in our assortment.


This stemmed gin glass is perfect for serving an elegant, premium gin and tonic. It highlights the gin with special garnishes, such as juniper berries, raspberries and lime peel. Cucumber is also a perfect match for a tasting session. Thanks to the stemmed glass and its large surface area, the flavours are released in an optimal way. Its large balloon also allows you to add ice cubes for added freshness. Also, in order to comply with the regulations, it is best not to use a glass straw or mixer with this glass!

The Robusto 55cl gin glass. The Robusto line is distinguished by its solidity. Thanks to the Kwarz technology, Robusto glasses are very strong.

Tumbler gin glass

Gin can also be served in tumbler glasses, such as Negroni or Gin Sour. The Old Fashioned glass is ideal for adding an elegant, vintage touch to drinks. Similarly, strong Gin Tonics or straight gin are best served in tumbler glasses. A new way of presenting gin and tonic is to use a drinking jar as a gin glass. This gin and cocktail glass is very fashionable and versatile. The preparation remains the same, you just have to be creative! And there you have it, a delicious and original gin and tonic in an original gin glass.


personalised gin glasspersonalised gin glass

As a gift or at home, the personalised gin glass is an opportunity not to be missed! On Glassmania, you can have it printed from 6 pieces with your logo, your name or a model available on our online configurator.

Discover all the customisable glasses:

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Wide range of (high-quality) productWide range of (high-quality) product

Wide range of (high-quality) product

High-quality printingHigh-quality printing

High-quality printing

Dishwasher safe printingDishwasher safe printing

Dishwasher safe printing

Easy personalisation processEasy personalisation process

Easy personalisation process

Variety of printing methods Variety of printing methods

Variety of printing methods

Choose from the wide range of drinking glasses and personalise your glass from a minimum order of 1 piece! With 6 million personalisations per year, Glassmania has the know-how to personalise your drinking glasses and bottles in an extraordinary way.

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