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Where to enjoy wine in a personalised engraved wine glass?

Are you a budding wine taster or a connoisseur who wants to find new ways to enjoy wine in your favourite wine glass? This article is for you! This month, we've decided to show you the best ways to rediscover the pleasure of tasting wine. All in a personalised engraved wine glass of course!

An engraved wine glass for the "Open Cellars"

The Caves is the long-awaited meeting place for wine lovers. This event takes place in every region in Switzerland. It allows winegrowers to open their doors to the public for wine tasting. An excellent opportunity to showcase your wines and know-how with an engraved wine glass! Find the different dates of the Caves Ouvertes here.

Glassmania has made a video that will surely make you want to go around your region to discover or rediscover the best wines. You will be able to see different engraved wine glasses. Indeed, we can see the screen-printed wine glass from the Brunière cellar in Saint-Léonard as well as its Magnum and the wine glass of the 30th anniversary of the famous Passeport Gourmand. We already wish you a good visual and gustatory tasting if you come to the Caves Ouvertes soon.

Focus on the wine glass of the Cave de la Brunière

Georges Morand (1929-2016) is the founder of the Brunière winery. For more than 30 years, he worked his vines and carried out all the work in the cellar with meticulousness and passion. In 2001, he passed the torch to his son Claude-Alain and his son-in-law Stéphane.

His grandson Christophe, who graduated from the Changins School of Oenology, took over the management of the Cave de la Brunière in 2008. Since then, they have been following the family tradition and working the vines with respect and humility. Like their predecessor, they are also keen to welcome their customers with open arms and take pleasure in sharing their passion for their profession with them, always over a good glass of wine.

Christophe has chosen to stand out with the Robusto 55cl wine glass. It is a large glass that has been designed for its versatility. It allows you to taste all types of wine, mainly red wines. Practical, it also allows you to create superb cocktails! The winery's logo is perfectly represented with a frosted colour print. This personalised engraved wine glass is timeless and elegant. Now it's your turn to create your own!

An engraved wine glass for a special occasion

Perhaps you have already noticed engraved wine glasses at a wedding, anniversary or company jubilee? These are ideal occasions for creating an original and unique glass that will be remembered. Let yourself be inspired by a few success stories:

"Our personalised glasses make wonderful memories. On the "happiest day of our lives" we made an original gift for our family and friends. Everyone was delighted and found this wedding gift idea beautiful, original and very practical. And now our friends are very happy to take them out for a drink as a souvenir".

Jeff Sunier

An engraved wine glass personalised with your box

Home delivery is the current trend! So why not combine pleasure and comfort? This is what Marielle and Valentin from MesVignerons propose. Their concept is simple: to promote Swiss regional wines in boxes delivered directly to your home. You will be able to make great discoveries while supporting local producers.

In collaboration with Glassmania, MesVignerons has created the ideal glass for tastings. They have chosen the Robusto 37cl wine glass, which, as the name suggests, is robust yet professional. By choosing an engraved wine glass personalised with their logo, Marielle and Valentin are highlighting their MesVignerons brand which will be remembered after a great experience.

MesVignerons Personalised engraved wine glassMesVignerons Personalised engraved wine glass

Creating a personalised engraved wine glass couldn't be easier!

Glassmania offers you the opportunity to create the glass of your dreams directly from its online configurator

  1. Start by choosing your  favourite wine glass
  2. Select a design, text or upload your logo
  3. Visualise the rendering on the glass and make any adjustments you wish in the print area
  4. Add the quantity you want and proceed with the order.

It's up to you to have fun and get the result you want. Our team will be happy to guide you if necessary.

Discover all the customisable glasses:

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Wide range of (high-quality) productWide range of (high-quality) product

Wide range of (high-quality) product

High-quality printingHigh-quality printing

High-quality printing

Dishwasher safe printingDishwasher safe printing

Dishwasher safe printing

Easy personalisation processEasy personalisation process

Easy personalisation process

Variety of printing methods Variety of printing methods

Variety of printing methods

Choose from the wide range of drinking glasses and personalise your glass from a minimum order of 1 piece! With 6 million personalisations per year, Glassmania has the know-how to personalise your drinking glasses and bottles in an extraordinary way.

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