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Wine spittoon for professional tastings

What is a spittoon?

The spittoon is a well-known product in the wine market, it is used to dispose of wine that is not consumed during a wine tasting. This accessory is vase-shaped. It is used for wine tasting events. Wine tasting events in bars, wine cellars, vineyards, wine speciality shops, and exhibitions.

It's designed to hold large amounts of liquid and it's also used to prevent people from over-indulging in alcohol. The spittoon is placed in the centre of the tasting table and each person has their own.

The spittoon is emptied and cleaned after each tasting session. It's an important tool for professional wine tasting and helps to ensure the quality of the wine.

What is a spittoon for?

It is used during wine tastings and is highly recommended for professional wine tasters. This allows the wine taster to maintain professionalism and avoid drunkenness. So, if you plan to do professional tasting, this accessory is indispensable.

How to use it?

After the glass of wine is tasted, it is simply spit out in the vase. In the case where several glasses of red wine or white wine are sampled, it is highly recommended to spit the wine out to prevent high levels of alcohol in the blood.

Buy beautiful spittoons online

Glassmania offers an elegant black spittoon that is fit for the perfect wine tasting experience. This design is perfect for guiding the wine to your bucket and is ideal for every wine tasting event. Spitting out the wine will lead to a better assessment of the different flavors and aromas of the red or white wine. 

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