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Glass jars

Glass jars

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Buy Glass jars for preserves

Glass jars are all glass containers for preserves, home-made jam or honey. You will find a lot of different kinds of jars in our Glassmania catalogue. With various shapes, sizes and lid colours, we are sure you will find the jars and bottles that meet your expectations. All of our jars can be customised according to your specific needs: canning, storage, dishes, lunch boxes, etc.

Choosing the right glass jars with the right type of lid

Preserving jars come in many different shapes and sizes. There are also many different types of jar closures. At Glassmania, we also offer 100% plastic-free glass jars. Glass has the advantage of being healthy, so the jars preserve food better and they can be reused over and over again. 

Jars with screw lid

All Glassmania canning jars have a screw lid. The lid colour can be chosen in the product options and details. Gold, black or white screw lids are available. A large glass jar with a screw cap that we can recommend is the 1700 ml jar. It is particularly suitable for preserving vegetables or storing dry foods such as rice, flour or pasta. 

The 435 ml size of the screw-top jars is particularly suitable for jam. Mini glass jars are also very popular. They are perfect as a small gift at a wedding or an anniversary. In this case, you can opt for the 33 ml and 225 ml glass jars.

All these glass jars can also be personalised. Thanks to the most advanced printing methods, it is possible to print a photo, a text or simply a logo. 

Weck jars

Probably the best-known glass jars are those of Weck. Weck jars consist of a glass lid, a rubber seal and a metal closure. Johann Weck, who gave his name to the jars, invented them around 1900. With his jars he revolutionised food preservation. The principle of the Weck jars is simple: during storage the jars are closed with a rubber seal and fixed with small metal clips. The jars need to be hot at first, so that when the jar is closed and cooled, a vacuum is created which guarantees the preservation of the food. You can find all Weck jars in our online catalogue. 

Lock Eat Jars

Lock Eat jars belong to the latest generation of preserving jars. Their special feature is that they are 100% plastic-free. Their rubber seal is made of natural rubber. In the Lock Eat jar assortment you will find containers of all sizes and all these jars have a very modern look. These jars are not only perfect for canning, but also for storing dry food. A must have for all zero waste kitchens. If you are looking for a sustainable product with excellent aesthetics, stop searching, a kitchen cupboard filled with these jars is totally instagram worthy. You can find the entire range of Lock Eat jars in our catalogue. 

Le Parfait glass jars

The Le Parfait glass jars have a beautiful, iconic design with embossed branding. These jars are also ideal for preserving and storing dry foods such as flour, sugar or rice. The retro design is appreciated by our customers. See all sizes in our online catalogue.

Jam Jars

Choosing the right empty jam jar is crucial. It allows for optimal preservation and also shows off your home-made or professional jam. If you are looking for a simple conventional jam jar, the 225 ml, 350 ml or 435 ml jam jars with a screw lid are the best. If you are looking for a more modern looking jam jar or to give as a wedding gift, we recommend the Deep jam jar which is also available in several sizes. 

Homemade jam made with love is probably the best. One always wonders how to label it nicely to differentiate each fruit. The special thing about Glassmania is that you can personalise your jam jars directly online! The engraving on the jam jars is dishwasher safe. So they can be used every year. Your home-made jam should be perfectly presented. There's nothing better than making your jam a real eye-catcher. 

Honey Jars

Bees are synonymous with life and honey has an incomparable flavour. As honey is very special, it also needs to be packaged in an unforgettable way. That's why your honey should be packed in nice glass jars. On Glassmania we suggest Deep honey jars, which are perfect for honey. You can make your honey even more unique with an engraving on glass. Try it now: choose a jar from our catalogue and personalise it with a logo, text or photo. Each jar can be individually personalised if you want to number them, for example.

Personalise your jars quickly and easily

A personalised glass jar for your home is not only trendy, it is also a perfect gift for any cooking enthusiast. Your own unique glass jars - it couldn't be easier! Choose your favourite glass jar from our catalogue, select a model or create your own design from scratch. Your personalised glass jar can be decorated with your logo, name, text or photo.

Personalised jars are ideal for adding a real personal touch to your home or for giving as a birthday gift, wedding gift or corporate gift to clients or employees.

If you need help with personalisation, please contact us via our online form. Our team will give you all the advice you need to realize your ideas.

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