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Liqueur glasses

Liqueur glasses

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All about liqueur glasses - materials, care and design

Where to find design liqueur glasses ?

On Glassmania, you will find a large choice of customisable liqueur glasses. These glasses can be personalized online quickly and easily with an engraving.

There are many different types of liqueur glasses, for grappa, Armagnac, Apricotine and many other brandies. Depending on the liquor, you have to choose the right liqueur glass.

Only with the best liqueur glass does the drink become meaningful. Choose a liqueur glass from our catalogue for your home or bar and personalise it for a 100% guaranteed effect.

Which glass to enjoy the liqueur in?

The liqueur glass has an atypical shape and is perfect for tasting brandies, liqueurs and digestives from the best distilleries.

In general, the stem is short for a better grip. Digestifs are drunk at room temperature and the stem has been designed to keep the liquid at the best possible temperature. This way the liquor will not be warmed up by the heat of your hands. The tulip-shaped glass releases the aromas in an optimal way. 

The Distisuisse liqueur glass

This is the official glass of the DistiSuisse tasters. Its slightly rounded tulip shape releases the aromas when tasting liqueur, grappa or brandy.

Your personalised liqueur glass quickly and easily

The liqueur glasses in the Glassmania catalogue are all customisable. Go to the online glass configurator to create your own personalised liqueur glass! An engraved liqueur glass is a great gift idea, which will please all liqueur lovers.

You can upload a photo or logo and add your own text. There are no limits to your creativity. Also, there is a selection of designs available to help you personalise your glass. Visualise the result and finalise your order by adding your creation to the basket.

In the online designer, you can choose between silkscreen and digital printing. You can find more information about both printing methods here.

All our products benefit from exceptional quantity discounts. You can see your discount directly in your shopping cart. Add a few more pieces if you want to benefit from a better price per piece.

Materials of the liqueur glasses

liqueur glasses are available in a wide variety of materials, including crystal, glass, ceramic and even stainless steel. Crystal is particularly popular because of its clarity and beauty.

They are made from very fine quartz sand, lime and soda and are manufactured through a complex process. Glass is less expensive and particularly suitable for everyday use.

Care of liqueur glasses

The care of liqueur glasses depends primarily on the material. Crystal glasses should be washed carefully by hand to avoid scratches. Glass glasses can be cleaned in the dishwasher. It is important not to use abrasive cleaning agents that could damage the material.

Design of liqueur glasses 

liqueur glasses come in a wide variety of designs, from classic to modern. The most popular classics are the baroque or art deco style glasses. Modern glasses often have a simple, straight shape that fits particularly well in contemporary interiors.

Some glasses also have special details, such as decorations or coloured patterns, which make the glass particularly attractive. There are also liqueur glasses that are specially designed for certain spirits such as cognac or sherry.

The Distisuisse liqueur glass has a beautiful design with a refined shape. It is not only beautiful, but its shape is specially made for tasting liquor.

Glass liqueur glasses

Glass liqueur glasses are particularly popular because of their clarity and beauty. 

The glasses often have fine decorations and engravings that make them particularly noble and exclusive.

There are different types of liqueur glasses, used for different types of liquor. 

The rather small, thick-walled glasses are used for strong spirits such as brandy, whisky or vodka. The glasses have a wider opening. They are used for low-alcohol liqueurs, such as Cointreau or Bailey's.

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