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Buy customizable glass carafes

On Glassmania you can find several types of glass decanters: small or big, elongated or curved, with or without closure. Choose a customizable water carafe or wine carafe that meets your specific needs: daily or occasional use, at the office or at home. 

The most beautiful tables deserve the most beautiful glass decanters. An element that should not be missing at any dinner party. All these decanters presented on Glassmania have their own characteristics and can be engraved quickly and easily on the online configurator.

Why buy a wine carafe or decanter?

As a wine connoisseur, it is essential to own a wine decanter. Wine decanters are characterised by a thin neck and a very wide base. This wide base ensures optimal aeration of the wine and thus the penetration of oxygen into the wine. This process releases all the aromas of a wine and contributes to a perfect wine tasting experience. Glass decanters are used to enhance the enjoyment of red wine, both in restaurants and at home.

Why does a decanter improve wine?

A decanter releases the flavours of the wine in an optimal way. The contact between the wine and the air allows the aromas to develop to their full potential. 

How to choose the right water carafe?

The shapes and sizes of water carafes could not be more different. Depending on your use, you may want to consider whether you want a carafe with a stopper or without a closure. The ideal capacity for water jugs is between 0.5 and 1.5 litres. If you are looking for an elegant and simple carafe, we warmly recommend the Ypsilon carafe. This model is available in half-litre and 1.1 litre sizes and is ideal for restaurants or at home.

What are the trendy carafes?

Carafes do not always have to be opened. Today, they can be used in many different ways. The trendiest carafes are those that look like glass bottles. With a closure, the advantage is that they can be used as a normal water jug at home or as an eco-friendly water bottle on the move.

The Pure Bottle glass carafe is the bestseller in our range. The large opening makes it easy to drink and clean the container. It is also the perfect recipient to infuse your water with different ingredients to enhance your daily drink. Lemon slices or mint leaves fit perfectly into the large opening and the bottle can be cleaned very quickly. 

In addition, this carafe is 100% customisable and can be ordered with or without a handle. Visually, you can customise it even more as you can also choose between different colours of sealing rings. This glass bottle can even be engraved according to your wishes.

The glass carafe: a gift idea for everyone

The Pure Bottle is very popular with our customers. In many cases, this glass bottle serves as a gift for family members or as a gift for employees. A personalised bottle can become a beautiful memory. The special feature of this glass bottle is that it is 100% plastic-free as the sealing ring is made of natural rubber. Thanks to its large printing area, it can be perfectly enhanced by engraving, your story or your memory can be told around the bottle at 360°. The reactions of the customers are unforgettable. Desiree, for example, writes that she personalised the water jugs as a gift for the whole family and that they were all very enthusiastic about the gift. Another customer, Alexandra, writes that she has been carrying this bottle around with her for a year and is delighted with its durability. 

Your personalised carafe in a few clicks

If you want to spice up the look of your carafe, you can have it engraved. This is now possible with a minimum quantity of one piece only. A personalisation on a water decanter is not only suitable to embellish your table at home, but also as a gift. Create your own engraved bottle with a text, logo or photo. It's a useful and reusable gift idea that can be used for every meal and every occasion. Create your memorable and lasting gift for family members, friends or even employees on our online configurator. 

Start by choosing your favourite glass carafe and then choose a text, design or upload your logo. Your very own, unique carafe - it couldn't be easier! We are available if you have any questions or need advice on customisation. Don't hesitate to contact us via the contact form.

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