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Honey jars

Honey jars

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Buy your glass honey jars on Glassmania

Packaging is essential for any beekeeping activity. To be stored and marketed, the honey of your production must be correctly and hermetically packed. Glass honey jars meet these criteria and allow you to keep all the nutritional and gustatory qualities of your honey. 

In our online catalogue, you will find a wide range of glass honey jars available in different sizes to suit your requirements. Depending on your use, it is very important that you choose your empty honeypot and its lid correctly. And, why not engrave your jars to identify the contents and make them unique?

Honeypot prices

The prices indicated on Glassmania include the price of the empty honeypot and its lid. All our items have a sliding scale price, which means that it varies according to the quantity. You can see the quantity discount directly in the basket of your order. Sometimes you only need to add a few glasses to get a better price per piece!

Which jar for honey?

Empty honey jars should be practical and ensure that the honey preserves all its qualities. For the preservation of honey, nothing beats glass jars. Glass packaging naturally and durably protects its contents, i.e. the taste of honey as well as its virtues and nutritional qualities. Glass is also a qualitative, neutral and inert material, plus it is also aesthetically pleasing. Transparent or white glass allows the golden colour of your honey to be perfectly seen and admired. Recycled almost infinitely, glass is also an ecological choice. You can reuse the jars, but don’t forget to change the lids. 

The choice of the empty honey jar as well as the colour of the lid allows you to create the identity of your product. Your customers will recognise your honey by its design packaging. That's why all our glass jars can be personalised. No more need for sticky etiquettes and no more struggle to wash them before reusing the jar, print everything directly on the jar!

Mini honeypot

If you are looking for a mini honey jar for tastings or a single-dose jar for breakfast, you can choose the 33ml glass mini jar which corresponds to about 30g of honey.

Small honey jar 250g

The 212ml TO70 Deep honey jar sold on Glassmania is ideal as a 250g honey jar. It can hold between 200g and 250g of honey. With its modern shape, it will enhance the fruit of your work.

Honey jar 500g - 400g

Here are the glass jars that can hold between 400g and 500g of honey. The modern 314ml TO70 Deep honey jar, the traditional 355ml TO82 or 435ml TO82 honey jars.

There may be some differences depending on the structure and texture of your honey. Do not hesitate to ask us for a sample via our contact form in order to test them with the honey you produce.

Honey pot lid

The glass jar protects the honey effectively, provided it is stored in a cool, dark place, away from light to prevent crystallisation. A cellar will do the trick. Another essential element for the proper storage of honey is the lid! This accessory guarantees an airtight seal, which is essential for preserving the properties of the honey. It protects the honey from moisture and prevents the risk of fermentation. The Twist Off lid system guarantees an optimal seal.

Each honeypot is sold with a lid on Glassmania. Choose your lid in your favourite colour. Usually you can choose between black, white or gold lids. These twist-off lids seal your glass jars and ensure that your honey stays fresh.

If you want to reuse your honey jars, you can buy only the lid, making sure you get the right model. For example a TO82 lid is suitable for glass jars with the same number.

Design your own honeypot from A to Z

The information on your honeypot is important, especially if you are going to market your product. With the Glassmania customization tools, you can create your honeypot labels and print them directly on the glass. By customizing your glass jars directly in our glass configurator, you save time and the result is sublime. Upload your logo, select a template and add your text quickly and easily! You can create the design you want and see how it looks around the glass. Whether you are a professional, an amateur or a private person, glass engraving is made for you!

Customised honeypot with logo

As a professional, your packaging design must be perfectly executed to seduce consumers at first sight. No more honeypot labels, create an innovative custom honeypot on Glassmania. With screen printing or digital printing, you can upload your design and have it printed on the glass. A time saver especially if you reuse your jars! The aesthetics of your honey jar will be a hit. Indeed, customers appreciate unique and personalized packaging.

Tiny Honeypot as a wedding gift

How can you organise a wedding without thinking about the table decoration, the table plan and the gifts for the guests? With a personalised honeypot for your wedding, you can combine all these needs. In the glass configurator, you can add the visual of your wedding and add the date to make it a lasting memory. Placed on the dinner table, the pretty honey jars make an excellent decoration. Also, with digital printing, each jar becomes unique as you can add the name of each guest individually. This makes for a nice table plan and a great guest gift idea.

Honeypot to celebrate a birth

A personalised honeypot also makes a great birth or christening gift.  Create an original surprise gift to celebrate a baby shower or a christening. With the print on glass, you can write your baby's name and date of birth. Dishwasher safe, the personalisation of the jars allows you to create a unique celebration and a memorable souvenir. Whatever the theme or decoration, the personalised honey jars will add a natural and eco-friendly touch.

The honey jars come with a lid and without honey inside. Contact your favourite beekeeper or honey house to have them filled. Don't hesitate to ask us for advice if you need to create your own personalised honeypot.

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