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Champagne glasses

Champagne glasses

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How to choose the best glass for champagne?

On Glassmania you will find several customizable champagne glasses suitable for the tasting of sparkling wines. Whether you prefer a round or elongated shape, we are sure that a champagne glass from our catalogue will meet your expectations. There is something for every taste. We present you our three best champagne flutes: 

Breeze 14cl champagne flute: this flute belongs to the small champagne glasses. It is a very practical glass that is suitable for all occasions. The advantage of this small champagne glass is that it is very sturdy and can easily be stored in your cupboards. That's why it's perfect for all kinds of events. This glass can be personalised with a logo, text or name.

Champagne flute Atelier 27cl: this flute is a very large, tall and elegant champagne glass. This top-of-the-range model with a slim and very slender stem belongs to the premium line of champagne glasses. It is ideal for very elegant weddings or very special occasions. Special attention should be paid to the fact that it is made of very thin and light glass. This glass can also be engraved. 

Champagne flute Carré 22cl: as the name suggests, this champagne glass is very straight and seduces with its angular shape. This classic, tall and narrow shape is very popular with customers as it offers a large printing area for names, texts or even photos. This champagne flute forms a perfect ensemble with the "Carré" glass collection.

Champagne flutes, champagne glass or champagne glass? 

Many people still wonder what the difference is between a champagne glass, a champagne flute or a coupe. In fact, there is only a small difference to be found in the shape of the glass.

The flute is very narrow and therefore the fine bubbles tickle the nose and risk masking the aromas. The cup, on the other hand, is trendy and offers a much wider and lower bowl. Each glass is an aesthetic choice that is sure to provide an excellent aromatic and taste experience. It is also a feast for the eyes. The transparency of the glass allows for an excellent observation of the effervescent bubbles as they travel down the champagne flute.

The ideal glass would resemble a tulip-shaped wine glass according to the professionals. A champagne glass elongated like a flute and round in the middle with a narrow opening. By choosing a tulip shape with a narrow mouth, you can keep the effervescence going. The champagne or sparkling wine you drink is a festive drink, but it can be enjoyed like a fine wine.

How do I take care of my champagne flutes?

In order to guarantee absolute transparency, it is important to wash these champagne flutes in hot water without detergent. This will help to ensure that the champagne bubbles appear when you drink it.

Did you know that every champagne glass has a "foam point"? You're probably wondering what this foam point is? The foam point is a laser marking of a few points that prevents the bottom of the glass from being completely smooth. This is what allows the sparkling wine to form the beautiful bubbles in the glass. 

Personalised champagne glass: celebrating a special occasion

Champagne glasses are a symbol of a special occasion. A wedding, an anniversary or a party; these glasses are very popular for special occasions. A special and original champagne glass impresses with its shape and size. But don't forget the finish of the champagne glass. With an engraving on the glass, you can add that special touch that makes your glass shine even more and create an everlasting memory for your guests!

Create your own champagne glass

A champagne glass with a name, text or photo. With the latest personalisation options, anything can be printed on a champagne glass. This creative presentation of champagne glasses makes the special occasion even more special. A glass engraving can really set the mood and is suitable for any occasion. 

Personalise your glass quickly and easily

A personalised champagne glass for your home is not only very stylish, it is also a perfect gift for all sparkling wine lovers. Your very own, unique champagne glass - it couldn't be easier! Choose your favourite glass from our catalogue, select a model or create your own design from scratch. Your personalised champagne glass can be decorated with your logo, name, text or photo.

An engraved champagne glass is ideal to add a real personal and glamorous touch at home or to give as a birthday present, wedding gift or corporate goodie to clients or employees.

Personalised wedding champagne glass

Champagne glasses are a must at a wedding. In many cases, champagne glasses are engraved with the names of the bride and groom. In the Glassmania glass configurator, you will find many different "wedding” themed designs with which you can engrave your champagne glasses for your big day. A heart, the names, the date or perhaps a photo of the bride and groom can be printed on one of the glasses. All this is possible. The idea of personalising your glasses as a table decoration or table plan with the first name of each guest is particularly suitable as a guest gift.

By personalising your glass with the same logo and different names on each one, not only the bride and groom receive a special wedding glass, but also all the guests go home with an ungorgettable souvenir. For us, the best gift is when we receive feedback from our customers who have personalised glasses for their wedding. For example, Jeff chose to personalise glasses for his wedding to tell the story of his love: "We surprised our family and friends with this original gift. Everyone was delighted with the personalised glasses." You can never go wrong with engraved glasses for a wedding, this gift for the guests will always be remembered. 

Mark also thought of something very special for his wedding. As his groomsmen are great whisky lovers, he gave them personalised whisky glasses. Looking for an unusual and original wedding gift, he found exactly what he needed with personalised wedding glasses. 

Check out all the inspiration and ideas for engraved champagne glasses for your wedding on our blog. You're sure to find the perfect glasses and engraving. 

Champagne glass with name

A champagne glass is an essential part of any special occasion. With the latest personalisation options, you can now print your champagne glasses with the same or different names. A unique and personal touch! It's easy to personalise each glass with a first name in the online configurator. Choose your writing style and text colour. You can then move or enlarge the names in the print area. 

Champagne glass photo

In many cases, champagne glasses are engraved. Unfortunately, it is difficult to engrave a photo on a champagne glass. On Glassmania, it is possible. You can have a photo printed on a champagne glass thanks to digital printing. Many of our customers print glasses with photos because it is a special gift. For example, a champagne glass with a photo can be given for a birthday or anniversary. 

If you need advice on how to personalise your champagne glass with a photo, text or logo, don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to create the perfect glass for you. 

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