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Buy beautiful personalised gin glasses online

Gin glasses are as different as gin itself. Gin is in high demand at the moment. It is now available in a wide range of flavours, with or without alcohol. Gin develops a variety of versatile and complex aromas. The taste is fruity, floral, spicy and underlines its flavour profile with fresh herbs. With such a wide range of possible combinations, it is not surprising that there is a wide choice of gin glasses. In our blog post you can read more about choosing the right gin glass.

On Glassmania, we offer you a wide variety of gin glasses so that you can find the shape you like best. The gin and tonic glass should be large enough to accommodate the ingredients of this cocktail, but its shape can vary. Use different types of glasses to enrich your gin tasting with a Long Drink glass, a cup or a tumbler. At Glassmania will also believe that a personalised gin glass makes all the difference!

A personalised gin glass is not only a real eye-catcher, but it will also make your cocktail glass more appealing visually! Getting your gin glass engraved couldn't be easier! You can choose a gin glass from our catalogue, select a model or design the gin glass yourself from the start. You can personalise your engraved gin glass with a logo, name, text or photo. 

Personalised gin glasses make a great birthday gift for any gin lover, a special anniversary, or just for private use in your home.

How should a glass of gin be served?

Gin is always served elegantly. In a large balloon glass, a stemless gin glass or a highball glass. Each glass achieves a different effect and enhances the taste of the gin. Today, there is no such thing as a typical gin and tonic glass. The famous gin and tonic can be served in many different ways.

What to mix with gin?

A strong-tasting gin such as a dry gin is not usually drunk on its own and is served as a cocktail. A fizzy drink is added to bring out its particular flavour. For milder drinks, you can add a little syrup or sugar. Adding the juice of a lime will turn it into an incredibly fresh drink. You can also add cucumber slices, berries or herbs. The larger the gin glass, the more room you will have for your ingredients.

What are the best gin glasses?

Gin glasses are an essential everyday item that comes in many different shapes and sizes. A great gin becomes even more special when served in an engraved gin glass that will reinforce a brand's identity and distinguish it from other brands. There are many different gin glasses. The following gin glasses are among the classics:

  • Balloon gin glasses like the robusto 55cl or the mirror 58cl are very popular as the glass has plenty of space to be filled with lots of ice and other delicious ingredients. Balloon gin glasses are most often used to serve gin and tonic or gin-based cocktails. Balloon glasses also have a very stable base. 
  • Stemless gin glasses as tumblers: There are more and more new and innovative types of gin on the market. Therefore, beautiful and exclusive glasses are needed. The elegant and modern High Ball gin glasses are usually characterised by a bulbous tumbler like the Inalto 35cl, which allows the aromas of the gin to shine through. 
  • Long drink gin glasses: Gin lovers who prefer to enjoy their gin over ice should rely on the famous glasses with a sturdy base and straight shape, all the flavours are released directly.

    The Islande tubo 22cl and the 47cl old fashioned glass are the perfect long drink glasses to enjoy gin.

Gin glass engraving: the perfect gift idea.

It is not always easy to find the perfect gift idea. There are many criteria that must be met. The gift must of course suit the person and above all be useful. Personalised gin glasses fulfil these criteria as a gift. A gin glass is not only an everyday object, it is also a gift that can awaken a memory or an emotion. We’ll show you for which occasions you can have gin glasses engraved. 

Personalised gin glasses for weddings

If you're a real gin fan, you should have gin glasses engraved for your wedding. Personalised gin glasses can serve many purposes at a wedding. They can be used as cocktail glasses, guest gifts or even table decorations. You can personalise your gin glass with an engraving down to the last detail on our website. We also provide you with wedding themed designs. You can then add your partner's name and your own and the wedding date. This wedding idea is so unique and personal that it's sure to wow everyone. 

Personalised gin glass as a guest gift

It's always hard to come up with a guest gift idea for a wedding or an event. A guest gift should be personal and above all long lasting. A personalised gin glass meets exactly these criteria. Because it is a glass, the gift is particularly durable. When you personalise it, the guest gift becomes even more personal. If you are looking for a unique idea for a wedding gift, we can only recommend personalised gin glasses. The special thing about Glassmania is that you can personalise each glass with the guest's name. This way, each guest will have their own special gin glass and will certainly cherish it.

Personalised gin glass for hen or stag parties

Are you organising a stag party and don't know exactly what to give as a special surprise? An engraved gin glass is the perfect idea to add a special touch to the stag or hen party. On the one hand, it keeps the glasses from getting mixed up and on the other hand, such a request will certainly be kept forever. You can personalise the gin glass with an engraving according to your needs. Add a photo, a saying or a special logo, nothing is impossible. 

Engraved gin glass as a birthday present

As gin is super trendy at the moment, you probably know some gin lovers, there is no better birthday present than personalised gin glasses. With a minimum order quantity, you can create and personalise a set of gin glasses for everyone. You can find the most beautiful gin glasses in our online catalogue.

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