Personalise your own beer glass. Nothing easier than that! You choose a glass from our catalogue. Now you can design the glass exactly as you like - with name, anniversary, logo etc. or you can choose another personalised beer glass. We will personalise the glass and in a few days the delivery will take place. More information about MyGlass can be found below.

Beer Tasting - the fine way to taste beer

All beers are not equal. With the craft beer trend that has spilled over from the USA to Europe, more and more beer lovers are becoming true beer connoisseurs. Beer tasting is not just about drinking a cool beer, but about recognising the subtle differences for the eye, nose and palate, just like wine tasting. A true connoisseur prefers different glasses so that each beer can develop optimally.

A glass for every beer - The different beer glasses

India Pale Ale 54cl

The India Pale Ale beer glass with its thin walls keeps the freshness and coolness in the glass. The hollow ribbed stem aerates the beer as it is poured, thus enhancing the development of the aromas and thus the flavour.

Tulip beer glass 44cl

Tulip beer glasses like the Tulip 44cl, have a thick style and a bulbous chalice. An ideal shape for strong and aromatic beers, as the aromas can develop optimally.

Lager beer glass 50cl and wheat beer glass 50cl

Tall beer glasses like the Wheat 50cl or Wheat beer glass 50cl are wider towards the top and are usually suitable for light beers. The glass supports the course of the bubbles, the colour and the aromas of the light beers. We also suggest the beer glass Martigues 33cl.

Personalised beer glass - an original gift for men

Whether romantic gifts or typical men's gifts for birthdays or other special occasions and celebrations. Personalised gifts, for example in the form of a beer glass with engraving, provide for a special pleasure.

Personalised beer glasses with your individual design

Not only an original gift idea - beer glasses with a logo or custom-designed printed glasses make a great trap for the guests of your restaurant, bar or event. Try it out right away and let the party go!

Our glasses are of highest quality and dishwasher safe.