Personalise beer glasses couldn't be easier! Choose the right glass from our catalogue and personalise it in the glass configurator with your logo, name or even a photo! You can also choose a model from our large selection.

Which glass for which beer?

There are many types of beer glasses. It is therefore normal to be a little lost in front of so many varieties! That's why the Glassmania team has chosen to classify these beer glasses into different categories. Here are the different types:

Tulip beer glasses

Tulip beer glasses are characterised by the fact that they all rest on a stem. This type of glass is probably the most popular in the world and also the most often used for beer tasting. This style prevents the beer from heating up and the thin walls give the beer a very elegant look. Newer beer glasses, such as Belgian Beer glasses, are excellent for specialty beers, pale ales, dark beers or amber beers.

2. Pilsner beer glasses

As the name suggests, these beer glasses are suitable for all Pilsner beers. They are also ideal for those who are new to the world of beer. Pilsner glasses are ideal for light and very light beers. These glasses are often found in restaurants.

3. Pint beer glasses

Pints are smaller Pils glasses. These beer glasses were named after the old room measure of the USA and Great Britain. We recommend these beer glasses for beers with a low carbon dioxide content. As the pints are usually filled to the brim, it is best to hold them at an angle when filling.

4. Weizen beer glasses

These beer glasses are known for their size. They are usually very tall and long and have a very narrow waist, which opens slightly at the top. Weizen beer glasses are ideal for wheat beers, as the carbon dioxide must rise to the top very slowly.

5. Beer mugs

Beer mugs are large, heavy beer glasses with a handle. These glasses are very reminiscent of the Oktoberfest in Munich.

6. Drinking jars as beer glasses

The use of drinking jars is a trend from the United States that has now reached Europe. Jam jars are used as beer glasses. A real must for every beer pleasure. And, of course, the drinking jars can be personalised on Glassmania. A real eye-catcher!

For beer lovers: the right glass makes the right taste

Each beer develops a different taste in different glasses. To make it easier for you to enjoy your beers, we offer tasting kits. All the beer glasses in these kits are of the highest quality and have been developed by a team of brewers and beer industry specialists. The aim was to find the perfect shaped glass that best suits the flavours of craft beers.

positive review personalised beer glassespositive review personalised beer glasses

For each beer a suitable beer glass

The India Pale Ale Glass glass keeps the beer cold and fresh thanks to the thinness of the glass. The hollow ribbed stem develops flavours and tastes. For long-lasting pleasure, this glass is very thin and should be pampered by hand washing.

Tulip glasses such as the Tulipe 44cl Glass, with its thick, bulbous chalice, are ideally suited to strong, aromatic beers, allowing the flavours to develop optimally. It also offers great finesse for an incomparable tasting experience. We advise you to wash it by hand.

The long glasses such as the Lager 50cl or the Weizenbierglas 50cl have a straight or slightly conical shape which is suitable for a wide variety of beers. Both glasses are only available with the Tasting Kit. We also offer you the Martigues 33 cl Beer glass.

You can also find our catalogue with personalised glasses available from six pieces for your home or to give as a birthday or wedding present. An engraved beer glass is an unforgettable gift.

Gabriel chose to personalise his glass with the beer days crest. We are proud to receive this positive message!

"The glasses were a real eye-catcher on our beer day. I look forward to ordering from you on another occasion".

positive review personalised beer glassespositive review personalised beer glasses

Personalised beer glasses for your brewery or bar

To reinforce your bar's brand or to build customer loyalty in your brewery, there's nothing better than customised beer glasses. With the online glass configurator, you can upload your vectorised logo directly, add text or even change the colours. Personalised beer glasses offer more than just a beer tasting experience. They offer a real souvenir and allow your establishment to stand out. That's why they make great gifts for customers!

The company Dibrani trusted us to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the company. Thanks to them!

  • Choose screen printing if you have a vector logo with less than six colours. With this printing method, you can choose the "frosted" colour to give a satin effect like on engraved beer glasses. Available from 24 pieces.
  • If your logo is not in vector format or if it contains more than six colours, you can choose digital printing. With this printing method you can even have a different photo or name printed on each glass. From 6 pieces only.

We recommend dishwasher-safe beer glasses for professionals.

If you have any questions, or if you would like some personal advice, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team, who will answer you within 24 hours.

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