Have you thought about a New Year's gift? The search for ideas to give your customers or employees an original and unique New Year's gift sometimes seems obvious, but can also be complex. Such a gift should definitely create a special emotion. That's why MyGlass has gathered the best ideas to find a New Year's gift that meets your wishes.

A personalised New Year' s gift to thank your customers and employees

With glasses or carafes personalised with your company logo, you can cultivate your professional relationships. Glasses are sustainable and can be used on any occasion.

A New Year's gift for your customers

Personalising wine glasses or carafes with your logo allows you to thank your customers for their loyalty. If they are personalised, your customer will always remember you. By offering such an emotion with a personal and high-quality New Year's gift, you can ensure that your company is talked about!

A New Year's gift for your employees

Offering a New Year's gift and reducing the amount of waste is now possible. By giving your employees water glasses or carafes with your company logo, they will be happy to use their glass carafes in the office and reduce their plastic consumption. With such a New Year's gift you will also help to increase their satisfaction and productivity. Thanks to this special attention, your employees will give it back to you through a high quality of service. In this way, the satisfaction and loyalty of your employees will also increase.

A custom-made New Year's gift

Offer your customers and employees an exclusive and emotional New Year's gift.

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Personalise your glasses according to your wishes

There are no limits to creativity with personalised glasses or carafes.


Enhance your glasses with a gift box for even more emotion

The combination of your personalised glasses in a black gift box adds value to your New Year's gift and gives your customers a wow effect. Black has a first-class and elegant impression. With such a gift box you will certainly make everyone happy.


On request we can adapt to your wishes for combinations according to the preferences of your customers or employees.


For example, if your customers love wine, you can equip a gift box with a wine bottle and wine glasses. Beer lovers will not be left out either: the large selection of beer glasses in our online catalogue allows you to personalise the appropriate beer glass. If you want to really spoil your customers, you can also equip the gift boxes with a personalised carafe and the corresponding personalised water glasses.