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Food bottles and jars: our tips for shopping in bulk

Reducing waste through reusable packaging is becoming a must. With a good organization, you will see that life in bulk is a child's play! Discover a wide range of food bottles and jars on Glassmania that will allow you to carry all your food.

The principle of shopping in bulk

There are countless bulk shops that have sprung up in recent years. Bulk is undoubtedly a great trend that makes it possible to combine waste reduction and well-being. Limiting disposable packaging and favouring reusable glass packaging is also often more economical. So, are you ready to live happier with less packaging? Today, all foods can be bought without packaging, especially in specialised bulk shops.

Do not change your habits overnight. Take it one step at a time, starting with just one product line, such as flours or cosmetics.

The association ZeroWaste Switzerland, of which Glassmania.com is a member, offers a map with all the bulk shops in Switzerland.

Our tips for filling your bottles and jars

1. Before shopping in bulk: make an inventory of bottles and jars

Successful bulk shopping also means being well organised before you go to the shop. Make a list of the food you need on your smartphone. You can, for example, create a shared list or put a notepad in the kitchen. This way, the whole family can participate in the shopping. 

Before you leave, go through your list and take the appropriate food bottles and jars with you in a large shopping bag. Take one or two extra jars in case you find something extra that you haven't thought of. Make sure you only take washed or sterilised food jars for better hygiene.

Glassmania offers you a selection of bottles and jars perfect for storing your dry foods, such as rice, pasta, flour and legumes:

For the storage of fresh food such as cheese or meat, we advise you to choose an airtight glass box to keep everything fresh. And for as long as possible!

To help you, you can even personalise your glass packaging on Glassmania! Printing on glass is wash-resistant, so there's no need for labels! It's much easier to find your way around! 

In the online configurator, by choosing digital printing, you can personalise each glass jar with a different text. A jar for sugar, another for wheat flour etc...

2. When shopping in bulk: stay organised!

When you get to your favourite shop, start by weighing all your jars. With your shopping list in hand, you fill your food jars, giving preference to local, seasonal and organic products if possible. The planet will be better off! Beware of overflowing, it's better to gently press the handle of bulk food. And off to the cash register!

The right reflexes in video with the Lock-Eat jars with removable lid. Ultra-practical for any use:

3. After shopping in bulk: storage and sustainable preservation

When you get home, all you have to do is put the bottles and jars away in your cupboards. Properly sealed and stored at the right temperature, your food is ready to last. What's more, thanks to the glass packaging, your food is preserved without any loss of taste. 

With glass jars filled with a variety of foods in all colours, you'll want to spend some quality time in them while cooking. It also gives your kitchen a trendy look, as @aniahimsa does with Glassmania bottles and jars:

Kitchen pantry with glass bottles and jars @aniahimsaKitchen pantry with glass bottles and jars @aniahimsa

Glass storage jars are the must-have for storage. At Glassmania, we've decided to show you how quick, efficient and fun it can be to keep your kitchen tidy. Yes, a well-organised and tidy kitchen saves time - and is fun!

Kitchen pantry with glass bottles and jars @aniahimsaKitchen pantry with glass bottles and jars @aniahimsa


Goodbye to the multiple irregular DIY labels created too quickly to identify our food purchased in bulk. To stay organised, we have the solution. Personalised glass containers for each flagship product in your kitchen. 

It's easy to find your way around and it brings a real personal touch to the kitchen. Whether it's a fun personalisation or worthy of a real decoration magazine, Glassmania allows you to create the glass jars you imagine! Also, glass printing is dishwasher safe, so your personalised glass jars will keep you company for many years to come.

Kitchen pantry with glass bottles and jars @aniahimsaKitchen pantry with glass bottles and jars @aniahimsa

Choose your favourite glass storage jar and personalise it by selecting a model, a text, playing with colours or uploading your own visual. The online glass configurator is a child's play where your ideas become reality. Let's get started!


Kitchen pantry with glass bottles and jars @aniahimsaKitchen pantry with glass bottles and jars @aniahimsa

“Eco Storage” glass storage jars with lids are perfect for storing your dry bulk products such as biscuits, legumes or nuts. Your coffee will retain its aroma for a long time and your favourite cereals will stay crisp and tasty thanks to the tight wooden lid. Made from natural materials, these customisable glass containers give your kitchen pantry a modern and stylish look.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Natural: The glass is safe and sustainable and the glass container has a wooden lid.
  • Hermetic: Silicone gasket integrated in the lid - perfect for preserving all the flavour of the food.
  • Eco-friendly: Thick, resistant and reusable glass container
  • Practical: Dishwasher safe
  • Zero Waste: ideal for dry products bought in your favourite bulk shop

These glass containers are available in two different sizes:

  • Glass storage jar 1250ml Eco Storage: Excellent for creating the perfect kitchen pantry
  • Glass storage jar 1885ml Eco Storage: Spaghetti size, ideal for pasta lovers!

Specifications: it is recommended to leave a free space between the food and the lid. The glass storage jar is dishwasher-safe. 


The wooden lids with their silicone gasket are not dishwasher-, refrigerator- or freezer-safe. Wood is not resistant to moisture. For more information, you can consult our user guide here.




We did it! We tidied up the kitchen pantry, the photos speak for themselves. The result is perfect. It's up to you to take the plunge, your cupboards will thank you!

Kitchen pantry with glass bottles and jars @aniahimsaKitchen pantry with glass bottles and jars @aniahimsa

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Wide range of (high-quality) productWide range of (high-quality) product

Wide range of (high-quality) product

High-quality printingHigh-quality printing

High-quality printing

Dishwasher safe printingDishwasher safe printing

Dishwasher safe printing

Easy personalisation processEasy personalisation process

Easy personalisation process

Variety of printing methods Variety of printing methods

Variety of printing methods

Choose from the wide range of drinking glasses and personalise your glass from a minimum order of 1 piece! With 6 million personalisations per year, Glassmania has the know-how to personalise your drinking glasses and bottles in an extraordinary way.

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