The perfect birthday present should be lasting and long remembered. You can't go wrong with a well thought-out birthday present. With the trend of Zero-Waste and Zero Plastic we have put together the best and most sustainable birthday gifts for you.


Sandrine had the unique idea to personalise a wine glass for her 50th birthday.


"I love wine, music and my friends. To toast your 50th birthday, I wanted an exceptional glass. My friends loved the personalised wine glasses and thought they were great. They loved it so much that they left the party with the wine glasses..."


Sandrine Moesching-Hubert, 3 carrés architecture sàrl

The 5 best and most sustainable birthday presents for 2020

 1. Personalised wine glasses - an unusual birthday present for strong emotions!

Wine glasses, beer glasses or water glasses are an integral part of everyday life. With the Zero-Waste movement, it is obvious that people prefer glasses made of glass rather than plastic. How cool is it to receive personalised wine glasses as a birthday present? A slogan, a picture or even a fancy design can be printed on a glass. The best thing about it is that the personalised glasses can be washed in the dishwasher without any concerns and without the print rubbing off.