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Why do we say a pint?

When we talk about a pint, a beer glass always comes to mind. A pint is a unit of volume measurement for liquids. In fact, a pint is two pints.

In fact, a pint of beer in France does not equal the same thing elsewhere! You can remember that a pint of beer in France is 50 cl, in Belgium it is 25 cl and in the UK it is 56.8 cl.

A pint is the old Anglo-American system of measurement, which is now very common. This is especially the case in Ireland and the UK. If you say "pint" in Ireland or Great Britain, it means exactly 0.5683 litres. In America, however, the situation is different. In the United States, a US pint is 0.4732 litres. Each country may have its own measurements, so be sure to check their volume.

With pint glasses, however, there is no exact measurement for serving. The pouring ends at the rim of the glass. 

Which pint glass should I use?

They are essentially small pilsner-type beer glasses. This beer glass is distinguished by its long, straight sides. With this beer glass you can see the bubbles of the beer and how they slide from the bottom to the rim of the glass. These beer glasses have no calibration marks and are filled to the brim. Therefore, this glass is more suitable for beers with low carbon dioxide content. 

In our Glassmania catalogue you will find various alternatives for beer glasses. The Nonic family of glasses, the traditional pint of English pubs, is easily the best-seller thanks to its simple but singular curve, which will allow you to serve all types of beers to your guests or customers. The name comes from the English "No Nick" for "no cracks". They are easy to handle and less sticky if you stack them.

You will also find the Willy beer pint, flared in the middle and of German origin, or the Weizen beer glass, very long and high for a nice 1 to 2 cm foam and of German origin.

The Sestrière beer glass, with its straight shape, comes from Irish pubs. It is a versatile pint glass and is generally used for white, amber or red beers. Its shape allows it to create a nice thick head.

In our online glass configurator, you can customise each glass in our catalogue and add a seal or fill line, which is very important if you sell beer by the glass in your bar or restaurant. The CE seal is a marking indicating the volume of drink contained in a glass.

What beer should be served in a pint of beer?

Beer pints are used to serve a wide range of beers as they are probably the most common glass in bars. Generally, low carbon dioxide beers such as Pale Ales, India Pale Ales, Porter or Stout are served. 

Which glass for an IPA beer?

The most suitable glass for IPA beers is probably the glass named after it. The 54cl IPA beer glass is a top-of-the-range glass with an incredible finesse. Perfect for optimal tasting of IPA beers. IPA is very trendy and can be considered as the queen of craft beers, thanks to its variety in taste and colour, from golden to coppery.

Which glass for a stout?

Pint glasses are ideal to enjoy a stout beer. Dark in colour, stout originally meant "strong" and is a beer made from roasted malts.

Your own pint of beer with Glassmania

Beer pints have a very large printing surface and are very suitable for engraving. Thanks to this large surface, the logo can be engraved in a very large size. Not only a logo, but also a photo or text can be printed around the glass. With digital printing, there are no limits to the choice of colours. 

Personalise your pint quickly and easily

A personalised pint of beer at home is not only trendy, it is also a perfect gift for all beer lovers. Your own unique glass - it couldn't be easier! Choose your favourite glass from our catalogue, select a model or create your own design from scratch. Your personalised pint can be decorated with your logo, name, text or photo.

An engraved pint of beer is ideal to add a real personal touch to your home or to give as a birthday present, wedding present or company gift to customers or employees.

For a brewery, it is very important to present not only the beer, but also how the beer will be shown in an attractive way for the consumer. This presentation can also be done with an engraved beer glass. By printing your logo on the pint of beer, not only the beer, but also the brand is highlighted. 

For true fans of craft beers, these personalised beer glasses can be used as a gift. A personalised pint is a very meaningful gift as it is durable and will be used again and again. 

If you need help customising your glasses, we are here to help. We also offer graphic support if you don't have the right file format for example. Send us all the details via our contact form and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.



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