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Glass bottles

Glass bottles

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How to choose the perfect glass bottles?

On Glassmania you can find several kinds of empty glass bottles. Black or white, round or square, we are sure that one of the bottles in our catalogue will meet your criteria. Discover our glass bottles, they can all be customised to your specific needs; wine bottles, beer bottles, champagne bottles, water bottles, spirit bottles.

As an online shop part of the company Univerre Pro Uva, supplier and wholesaler of glass bottles, the Glassmania team knows all the trends in glass. With growing concern for the environment, the demand for glass bottles is rapidly increasing. Indeed, glass is an ecological and reusable material, ideal for preserving the flavour of all drinks.

How to choose the right glass bottles?

There are many different types of bottles. Glassmania presents a selection of customisable bottles just for you:

Black bottles for wine and beer

Black glass bottles are very popular at the moment. Especially for wine and beer bottles. The colour black is timeless and very elegant. If we were to describe this colour, we would say that it exudes seriousness, prestige and a very solemn and classic character. 

Especially for wine and beer bottles, black glass is important and has advantages. Black glass protects the product inside of the glass bottle better from UV rays. This protection also helps to keep the different aromas and minerals intact and therefore preserves the product better. On Glassmania, we offer black bottles in our online catalogue. These can even be personalised from 6 pieces.

Glass flask and water bottle

Ecology is more and more often at the heart of our purchasing decisions. Nothing beats an environmentally friendly and sustainable glass bottle or water bottle. These glass bottles with a cap offer you the possibility to stay hydrated throughout the day without any plastic waste. Fill and refill your bottle with spring water and start your day in the best conditions! The Pure Bottle is our bestseller and can be used for any purpose: everyday, in the office or to take on a walk. Discover our glass bottles with stopper and personalise them with the help of our online configurator to add your logo, text or choose one of our trendy model.

Glass milk bottle

The demand for glass milk bottles has increased significantly in recent years. Many customers rely heavily on milk, which can be purchased or bottled directly from the producer. A glass bottle simplifies this process as it can be filled and reused over and over again. At Glassmania, we offer traditional milk bottles as well as more modern milk bottles. The lids are included in the price and they are available in various colours.

The traditional milk bottles are characterized by a round shape and remind us of the time when the milkman delivered them directly at home. At Glassmania you can choose between 3 different sizes: 

All these milk bottles come with a lid. You can choose the colour of the lid during the ordering process. A special feature is that all bottles can be printed with a minimum order quantity of 6 pieces. So you can create your own personalised bottle for yourself or your brand! 

If you are looking for more modern looking milk bottles, we can only warmly recommend the Lock Eat bottles. Their innovative design and removable lid make these bottles very versatile. Choose from the following sizes, which can be used for cream, milk or any other dairy drink:

Glass bottles for spirits

The craft spirits scene is thriving these days. That's why it's important to choose the right spirit bottle. Apothecary bottles are especially popular these days. In the Glassmania assortment you will find various bottles for spirits. All these bottles can be printed with a minimum order of 6 pieces. With an eye-catching design, your spirits can be presented perfectly. The stoppers of the glass bottles are included in the price. 

Glass bottle design: personalise your own bottle

The personalisation of the glass bottle makes it possible to showcase a product even more effectively. The packaging is the first point of communication on the shelf when a customer is invited to choose a bottle. If the design of the packaging stands out, the likelihood of a product being purchased is much greater. It has even been scientifically proven that a personalised glass bottle will influence the customer's perception of the product and the company. The company and the product are perceived as much more modern and authentic thanks to a glass engraving. Authenticity is a very important factor in marketing because it conveys truth.

If you want to position your brewery or winery sustainably, we recommend personalised wine or beer bottles. If you need help in creating your design, we are of course at your disposal. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

A small glass bottle as a gift

A small glass bottle is ideal for adding a real personal touch to your home or to give as a birthday present, wedding present or company gift to customers or employees. The 20cl Lemonade bottle is perfect for a homemade syrup, a rolled message or a flower decoration. Use your imagination to create a personalised bottle and transform it into a unique gift. 

Personalised wedding bottle

Like our customer Filipa, you can create a real memory of your wedding. She decided to offer personalised bottles featuring the bride and groom as a wedding gift to her guests. Emotions and memories guaranteed! In the Glassmania online configurator, you will find a selection of "special wedding" models and you can add your text and even upload your logo or a photo! This engraved bottle will remain engraved in every memory of your wedding.

Personalised anniversary bottle

Every anniversary should be celebrated properly. With a personalised bottle, the anniversary will be different from the previous ones. Celebrate your 20th, 30th or 50th birthday with a unique gift! You can have a slogan or a photo printed on each bottle. 

How to create a personalised bottle on Glassmania ?

A personalised engraved bottle for your home is not only very trendy, it is also a perfect gift for all lovers of good drinks. Your own unique personalised bottle - nothing could be easier! Choose your favourite customisable glass bottle from our catalogue, select a model or create your own design from scratch. Each glass can be decorated with your logo, name, text or photo.

Discover all the customisable glasses:

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