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Glass food containers

Glass food containers

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How to choose the best glass storage containers

Glass storage containers are very popular. In all shapes and sizes, these glass containers not only look good in the kitchen, they also help to reduce waste. These containers are so practical that they can be found in every household. On Glassmania, you will find airtight boxes, the glass version of Tupperware, as well as round glass jars with a wooden lid. A perfect and essential combo for storing fresh and dry food.

With this information you can now decide which size best suits your needs. Choose your customizable container according to your specific needs: storage, lunch box, preservation box, etc.

What are the advantages of food storage containers?

In addition to the aesthetics of glass, glass containers have many advantages: 

They are 100% odourless, as glass leaves no traces or aftertaste compared to a plastic box. The freshness and taste of your food stored in a glass container remains exactly the same. In addition to this advantage, glass is healthier than plastic, no residues can contaminate your food.

Glass storage containers also contribute to zero waste. More and more supermarkets are offering to buy in bulk. Glass containers can be reused over and over again, are easy to transport and are therefore a great way to support the zero waste movement. Plus, your kitchen cupboards will really look like they come straight out of a decoration magazine!

What are the best glass storage containers?

Boxes for storing fresh food

At Glassmania, we offer you two sets of glass storage containers, the glass equivalent of  Tupperware. Both sets are from the Glasslock brand and contain cans of various sizes for all purposes. These airtight boxes ensure that your fresh food is kept in optimum condition. The special thing about them is that you can use them throughout the entire food preparation process. They are suitable for the microwave, oven and freezer. A real all-rounder! These glass storage tins have a plastic closure that is BPA-free. 

These glass storage containers are so practical that they are perfect for transporting your food. Your next meal will be a real pleasure!

Jars for storing dry food

Eco Storage glass containers are the best way to store your dry food. Ideal for storing foods such as flour, cereals or leguminous plants. The airtight wooden lid also makes these containers a sight to behold. There’s even a very practical spaghetti box format.

Personalizing storage jars

Preserving jars are perfect for the kitchen. You can add your own personal touch by customising your jars. For example, by writing the name of the dry food on the jar, you can't go wrong. This avoids the need to create labels, which also wear out over time. The great thing is that the printing on the storage boxes is dishwasher safe and does not wear out over time. 

Check out our online configurator. Add your text, upload your logo or choose from a wide range of designs. If you have any questions about customisation, please contact us.

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