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Buy and customise a Mason Jar online

Serving a drink in a Mason Jar is very trendy at the moment. In these glasses you can not only serve iced tea or water, but also make beautiful cocktails. This trend arrived in Europe from the United States a few years ago. The inventor of the Mason Jars is John Landis Mason. What makes them special is that he filed a patent on these jars, because they can be closed with a lid. The patent was filed in 1858 and has since expired. This is why other manufacturers are now allowed to offer similar Mason Jars. At Glassmania, you can buy and personalise Mason Jars online. 

The Mason Jar, a stylish drinking glass

The Mason Jar is probably one of the most modern and stylish drinking glasses. Thanks to its closure, the glass can be fitted with a straw and drunk on the go. But this glass is also suitable for smoothies, cocktails or all kinds of fruit juices. The drinking glass can be transformed into a glass that can be taken anywhere with ease thanks to its stopper and easy to grab handle.

Personalise a Mason Jar for the wedding

The Mason Jar from the Glassmania range can be personalised for your wedding. Each of your guests receive a personalised jar, a memory they won’t forget. The Mason Jar is the perfect gift for newlyweds, anniversaries and any occasion you can think about! Personalise each jar with the initials of the bride and groom or with the names of the guests. 

Mason Jar with engraving for your restaurant

The aesthetics of the glasses are becoming increasingly important in a restaurant. With a Mason Jar, you will certainly attract the attention of your customers. By engraving the Mason Jar, you not only strengthen your restaurant's brand, but also make it more attractive. The Mason Jar is perfect for drinking iced tea on a summer's day or warming spirits on a cold winter's night by serving a cocktail punch. 
Unlike most other personalised glasses on the market, our glasses are not personalised with vinyl stickers that are easily removed in the dishwasher or hand wash, but with an engraving using the latest screen printing technology, either silkscreen printing or digital printing. This means that the personalisation is absolutely long lasting. The engraving can be printed on the glass in different colours. 

The advantage of a personalised Mason Jar

Personalised Mason Jars are an environmentally friendly, attractive and a product that can be used for many purposes. Mason Jars are not only for drinking, storing and potting, they are also a way to honour the people who mean the most to you with a personalised design and an object they will be able to use daily. If you are looking for something special and unique for yourself or a loved one, try the online designer at Glassmania right now and customize your own unique Mason Jar. 

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