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Spirits glasses

Spirits glasses

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Spirits glass: Which glass for which spirit?

On Glassmania you will find several customisable spirit glasses adapted to the tasting of strong spirits. Discover our spirit glasses customizable according to your specific needs: cocktail glasses, whisky glasses, shot glasses, liqueur glasses, brandy glasses, gin and tonic glasses or old fashioned glasses.

Cocktails and spirits should be consumed in suitable glasses. With the wide variety of spirits, the range of matching glasses is also increasing. The choice of the right spirit glass is very important for an optimal tasting experience, especially for aromatic spirits such as rum, whisky or cognac. First of all, you need to identify what your needs are and which drink you want to serve in the glass you bought. Here are some things to consider when choosing your ideal spirit glass:

  • Focus on transparency: the first asset in any tasting is the visual. A clear, crisp glass will allow you to appreciate the colour of each spirit, from white to brown, caramel, gold or straw yellow. The lighting in the room where you are tasting the spirit also plays a key role.
  • Opt for a tulip shape for a perfect diffusion of the aromas. Avoid straight or square shapes and choose a sober, rounded shape for tasting. A tulip-shaped spirit glass allows for an optimal olfactory examination with the concentration of aromas. A narrow opening also helps to release the aromas.
  • Choose a stemmed glass if you want to keep your spirit cool without adding fresh water or ice.

Without being a professional, you will find that the glass you choose influences the taste of the spirits. The wide variety of glasses offers a variety of tasting experiences.

The right glass for whisky

The shapes of whisky glasses have been perfected in recent years. Many people think that a small, straight whisky glass is perfect for drinking whisky. This is not the case, a whisky glass can be just as different as any other type of whisky. The straighter the whisky glass, the more difficult it is to drink whisky. These small, straight whisky glasses are called "tumblers". These glasses take you straight back to the old James Bond films. With its very sturdy base and straight shape, this whisky glass allows all the flavours to be released straight away. 

The Glassmania team had the opportunity to test different whisky glasses. The following two glasses were our favourites: 

The Glencairn 18cl whisky glass: The shape and size of this glass is very appropriate. This whisky glass has a very modern look. The shape of the glass concentrates the aromas perfectly and the narrow chimney makes them rise slowly to the surface. When tasting, you can clearly see the difference with a tumbler glass. It even seems that the whisky itself changes its aroma. 

The 13cl Glass Tasting : If you are not convinced by modern and special shapes and prefer whisky glasses with a stem, you should definitely choose the Tasting 13cl. Whisky glasses with a stem prevent the whisky from heating up when you hold the glass in your hand. This glass is rather small and has a typical tulip shape. These shapes are highly recommended because they allow the flavours of the whisky to develop perfectly: not too fast, not too slow. 

The perfect cocktail glasses

Due to the wide variety of different innovative spirits available, cocktails are very trendy at the moment. They always impress with their preparation, colour or spices. Therefore, it goes without saying that the corresponding glasses must also be eye-catching. We will show you which cocktail glasses are the trendiest:

Cocktail glasses with relief

If you look in the old glass cupboard of your grandparents, you will only find glasses with relief. Fashion is an eternal circle, which is why these vintage glasses are totally back in fashion. Whether it's for cocktails, champagne or water: we can't get enough of these glasses. The top three of these glasses are the Old Fashioned 35cl, the Old Fashioned 47cl and the absolutely essential cocktail glass, the Kaleido 37cl. The special feature of the latter cocktail glass is that the relief is on the inside of the glass. The Kaleido cocktail glass is very popular because it can be personalised despite the relief. 

Modern gin glasses

Gin is currently available in many flavours. In the past, gin was a remedy for rheumatism and flatulence, but today gin is one of the most innovative drinks, as it can be mixed with many different ingredients. As the drink becomes more and more popular and famous, modern gin glasses are also needed. Today, modern gin glasses have a high style and a wide, thick body. The most popular gin glasses are the Mirror 58cl gin glass and the Robusto 55cl gin glass. In addition, the size of the goblet makes it possible to create excellent gin cocktails. Large glasses are ideal if you want to garnish your gin with cucumbers, herbs or berries.

High quality shot glasses and liqueur glasses

At Glassmania we only offer high quality shot glasses and liqueur glasses. All these glasses can be personalised online. If you want professional shot glasses for a bar or a restaurant, you can even buy them with a size per cl.

Personalise your spirit glass quickly and easily

A personalised spirit glass for your home is not only very stylish, it is also a perfect gift for any spirit tasting. Your very own, unique spirit glass - it can’t be easier! Choose your favourite glass from our catalogue, select a model or create your own design from scratch. Your spirit glass can be decorated with your logo, name, text or photo.

An engraved spirit glass is ideal to add a real personal and glamorous touch at home or to give as a birthday present, wedding present or corporate gift to clients or employees.

Discover all the customisable glasses:

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