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Glass espresso cups

Personalised glass espresso cups

Discover all our personalisable glass espresso cups

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How to buy the best glass espresso cups

Connoisseurs will recognise that espresso requires a very special cup, which is why our catalogue contains models of glass espresso cups especially for you. It’s better to choose a smaller cup size if you drink your coffee the Italian way; strong and short, and choose a slightly larger size if you drink it the French way. In addition, a personalised cup will make your coffee tasting unique. It's up to you to choose from our online configurator!

The various glass cups in our range are practical and suitable for many types of coffee. The cups are also very elegant. The Nadia espresso cups come with saucers, also made of glass, so that there is a unity between the cup and the saucer. Espresso cups are part of everyday objects. They are used daily and have their place not only in every home but also in every company. If you want to position your company as sustainable, you should definitely choose glass espresso cups. Many companies still use cardboard or plastic cups, which can only be used once. Often the reason for this choice is that you don't want to waste time washing them. But the question is what is more important: our environment and the consumption of paper cups, or durable glass cups that can be used again and again?

The customizable cups in our assortment are all made of glass and designed to withstand heat as well as daily washing in the dishwasher.

Create your own personalised espresso cup

On Glassmania, you have the possibility to print on our espresso cups. They can be personalized with a logo, a photo or your personal slogan. The espresso cups can be printed by the screen printing process and you will be impressed by the excellent quality of the printing. Personalised espresso cups are dishwasher safe and make every espresso a real treat for the eyes and the palate.

Design an espresso cup with logo

The screen printing process seals the ceramic ink into the glass. This makes the print on the glass cups dishwasher-proof. Thanks to the screen printing process, the cups can be printed with up to six different colours. To create a designer espresso cup look, you can choose "frosted" colour which gives the glass an "etched" effect. Discreet and effective!

The company logo becomes very visible on the glass and at the same time reinforces the company's brand image. These design espresso cups are also particularly suitable as a gift for employees or customers. Packaged in a beautiful gift box, this personalised gift is sure to provoke a great deal of positive emotion from your employees or clients.

Original espresso cup as a promotional item

Because the glass espresso cup is an everyday object, it makes an excellent promotional gift. By personalising it with a logo, this promotional item can be used again and again and the brand identity is reinforced. It is easy to print a distinctive slogan on the mug. Choose your favourite mug from our catalogue, upload your logo in the glass configurator and see the result. A promotional item like this is not only very useful and durable, but it can also be reused every day. A daily reminder of the brand.

Quantity discounts: all prices on Glassmania are degressive. This means that they vary according to the quantity. Increase the quantity in your basket to get a better price per piece!

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