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How to choose a white wine glass?

A white wine glass is generally smaller than a red wine glass. The chalice of the glass and the opening are rather small, because white wine does not need to be aerated as much as red wine. In general, white wine is often served in glasses with a slightly domed chalice to allow better preservation of the fruity aromas and freshness of the wine. It’s better to favour a conical or tulip shape and choose a wider or narrower opening depending on the type of white wine. For example, Chardonnay requires a large opening for good oxygenation, whereas light whites will prefer a narrower neck to concentrate the aromas on the nose.

It is important to choose see through glasses. Fully coloured glasses may look good on a table but the tasting experience is not optimal. This is because the tinted glass prevents the colour of the wine from being fully appreciated. And this colour, also known as the robe, can be used to estimate the age of the wine, whether it has been filtered (or not) and whether it contains deposits. These details are important to tasters.

As white wines tend to have a fruitier taste, they are rarely stored in oak barrels for very long. For this reason, it is not usually necessary for a white wine to be heavily aerated. The right white wine glass does not necessarily have to be large in diameter, as only the fruity notes of the wine should be highlighted. 

White wines that are slightly acidic need a glass with a very rounded outer rim. This allows the wine to reach the tip of the tongue first and thus bring out the sweetness. This ensures that the sweetness of the wine is perceived first, rather than the acidity. 

In contrast, white wines that have matured in wood need a slightly larger white wine glass. A larger wine glass allows the complexity of the aromas to develop better. 

People who like to drink highly aromatic white wines should definitely drink them in a large, wide glass. With very aromatic wines, the aromas do not need to be preserved as much. The large chalice and the wide opening of the glass will help the wine's aromas to develop. 

No dessert is complete without a very good sweet wine. Sweet wines are often served in smaller volumes in the glass. For this reason, it is logical to choose a smaller glass for sweet wine. In order to enjoy these wines optimally, the opening should be a little narrower at the top so that the aromas are concentrated in the best possible way. 

Our selection of white wine glasses just for you

Discover our range of customisable white wine glasses, suitable for home and professional use. White wine glasses should be neither too big nor too small. We present you the 4 best white wine glasses in more detail.

The best selling white wine glass: Inao 21.5cl. This white wine glass is one of the best sellers in our range of table glasses. Thanks to its small shape and easy handling, this glass is very versatile. Wineries or restaurants often choose this glass because it does not take up much space, is very robust and is also ideal to taste red wine. This wine glass is a standard allround wine glass at an affordable price. 

The most popular white wine glass: Carré 38cl. The Carré 38cl glass is striking with its elegance and long style. This white wine glass is very popular with customers because it looks good on any table. When it comes to wine tasting, this glass is also an absolute revelation: the aromas of white wines are optimally concentrated by the rather bulbous cup and transported through the narrow opening. For all wine lovers, this wine glass with its pronounced shoulders is an absolute must. 

The most robust white wine glass: Robusto 37cl. The name of this wine glass precedes its reputation. As you can imagine, this is a very robust wine glass. Thanks to the technological prowess, the glass is incredibly strong with reasonably thin walls. This glass is not only visually convincing and robust, but it will also make a difference when tasting. The bulbous calyx has been specially designed to promote the development of white wine. 

The white wine glass without stem: Sion 6cl. This stemless glass is ideal for wine tasting at events. It is small, robust and easy to hold. These advantages make it easy to carry. For example, when hiking, this white wine glass can be slipped into a small case in the bag and it’s even stackable. When you arrive at the picnic, you will be able to drink from a real glass instead of a plastic cup.

Create your personalized white wine glass with Glassmania

On Glassmania, you can embellish your white wine glasses with an engraving. Create your personalized white wine glasses easily and quickly with a logo or your own text. A personal engraving will make your glasses even more beautiful and unique. The white wine glasses can be printed on if you order at least 6 pieces. Depending on the delivery method, the personalised glasses can be delivered within 10 days after ordering. 

White wine glasses can be personalised easily and quickly

Glassmania offers quick and easy wine glass engraving using the online configurator. White wine glasses can be printed with silkscreen or digital printing. Choose your favourite white wine glass from our catalogue, select a symbol or create your own design from scratch. Your personalised wine glass can be printed with your logo, text or image. Let your imagination run wild! A personalised white wine glass is the perfect way to embellish your aperitifs and impress your friends. We're here to help you if you need advice on how to make your glass even more special!

A personalised gift idea for any wine lover

Personalised white wine glasses are a very popular and original gift.  A print on a wine glass can brighten up your drinks table, especially if you have your glasses printed with an original slogan that represents you.

A personalised wine glass can also be a great birthday gift for your friends. Why not give them white wine glasses with the name of your group of friends or a photo? Wow effect guaranteed! Wine glasses with personalisation can also be given as a guest gift at a wedding. A personalisable gift that will certainly be remembered, as wine glasses are reusable and suitable for many occasions.

An engraved white wine glass as a customer gift

A personalised white wine glass is a great idea to thank employees and customers simultaneously. By personalising the glasses with the company logo, you ensure that your brand is remembered. With Glassmania, you can imagine a 100% personalised and durable customer gift. We offer beautiful gift boxes to showcase the personalised glasses. For an even more spectacular effect, you can even personalise each wine glass with the name of the employee or client. This way, your customers will have a feeling of exclusivity.



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