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Buy a glass wine carafe or decanter

Serving your wine in a wine decanter makes you a thoughtful and careful host. Practical and elegant, decanters allow the wine to air out and oxygenate for a 100% successful tasting. Thus, the red wine develops its intense and complex aromatic bouquet. The tannins soften and the wine gains in roundness and softness. 

On Glassmania, you can buy glass wine decanters directly from our online catalogue. Choose the model that best suits your needs. For an even more authentic experience, combine your decanter with a matching red wine glass you can also find in our catalogue.

Why buy a wine decanter?

As a wine connoisseur, you need a wine decanter. Wine decanters are characterised by a thin neck and a very wide base. This wide base ensures optimal aeration of the wine and thus the penetration of oxygen into the wine. This process releases all the aromas of the wine and contributes to a perfect wine tasting. These glass decanters are used in particular to facilitate the tasting of red wine, both in restaurants and at home.

What is the difference between a wine carafe and a decanter?

These two recipients are not exactly the same and are used for different wines.

If it is a young wine that needs oxygen to better express its aromatic potential it’s better to use a carafe. The purpose of using a carafe rather than a decanter is to allow the wine to develop a better harmony. Choose a wine carafe with a rather wide and flat base that will allow a larger contact surface of the wine with oxygen. Then let the wine rest for about 30 minutes.

Decanting, on the other hand, is reserved for mature wines from which one wishes to remove any deposit and bring in a little air. This method consists of pouring the liquid wine delicately to avoid deposits. For this, use a tall, narrow decanter. Tip: leave the bottle upright at least 24 hours in advance to facilitate the settling of solid particles in the bottom of the bottle. 

Creating a custom decanter

A glass wine decanter is a prestigious and decorative object that has the power to enhance a wine. It is almost a collector's item! With glass personalisation, you can make your decanter original and unique. Printing your logo or any other design is an excellent gift idea for any wine lover. Our customers like to have their logo printed with the "frosted" colour to give it a natural and discreet engraving effect.

If you wish to have your wine decanter personalised, contact us via our contact form. Indicate the model, the quantity and the logo or visual you wish to have printed so that we can provide you with a personalised offer.

How do I clean a decanter?

Wash your decanter or wine carafe immediately after a tasting by filling it with hot water. This prevents wine stains from drying out and becoming difficult to clean. Hand washing is recommended. Stir the water inside and dry the decanter upside down on the work surface. Make sure your wine decanter is stable and in a privileged place while it dries. You can also wipe it with a glass cloth for a better shine.

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