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Whiskey glasses

Whiskey glasses

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Buying personalised whisky glasses

There are many different shapes of whisky glasses. To ensure the best tasting conditions of your whisky, choose a Nosing glass with a tulip shape or the Glencairn glass. This shape, with or without a stem, allows for a better concentration of aromas. If you prefer to drink whisky with ice cubes, choose a tumbler glass that will give them enough space, such as the famous Old Fashioned glass. Once you've decided on the shape, have fun creating a personalised whisky glass to make all the difference!

Whisky is a very special drink, designed to be sipped joyfully. You should definitely enjoy it in a customisable glass with engraving. Finding the right glass for your whisky can be a real challenge, depending on your taste. If you drink the whisky in a clear glass with a nice incidence of light, the drink will shine in all its splendour. The colour of a whisky is very important to help determine its quality. The golden and yellowish colour is a reminder of something very precious and special. Not just any glass can be used for whisky, it has to be chosen with care. If this whisky glass is also engraved, everything is ready for an excellent tasting!

Personalised whiskey glassPersonalised whiskey glass

An engraved whisky glass as an original gift idea

For whisky lovers, there is nothing better than tasting whisky in personalised whisky glass. At Glassmania, you can not only engrave whisky glasses with a simple engraving, but you can also print a logo, a text or a catchy saying on the glass. All these elements can be personalised in many different colours on the glass. A personalised whisky glass is not only a perfect gift, it’s also very original. In the online glass configurator, you can personalise your designer whisky glass quickly and easily. Whether you only want to print your first name, a special date or even a photo on the whisky glass, everything is possible to create the best gift ever.

A set of designer whisky glasses for the connoisseur

When it comes to whisky, it is important to choose the right glass. Depending on the strength and taste of the whisky, you want the aromas to develop more or less strongly. On Glassmania you can choose the right set of whisky glasses quickly and easily and even customise it. We show you which whisky glasses have which characteristics. These characteristics will certainly help you to create the ideal set of whisky glasses for optimal tasting. 

What type of whisky glass?

There are many different types of whisky glasses. All glasses have many different advantages. We will show you how to choose a whisky glass for your whisky. First of all, we would like to mention here that the whisky glasses you see in famous movies are actually not the best glasses to enjoy whisky. “Film glasses” are usually classic tumblers, with which the flavours of the whisky are lost too quickly. So what should you look for when choosing a whisky glass?

Glencairn whisky glass: This whisky glass has a very modern look, perfect for capturing the aromas of whisky. It fits very well in the hand and is very impressive with its noble design. This glass is also very robust and suitable for all whisky lovers who want to drink their whisky to enjoy a full of aroma. 

Whisky glasses with a stem: The Bar Special 21.8cl and Tasting 13cl are two of the whisky glasses with a stem that Glassmania offers. These two glasses are very seductive with their incredible elegance and refinement. A stem always gives a glass that little extra something. Both whisky glasses also have an open chalice to allow the aromas to develop optimally. Having the option of taking the glass by the foot also prevents the whisky from heating up too fast. 

Whisky tumbler and vintage whisky glass: As explained earlier, tumblers have a good image but are not the most suitable glasses for drinking whisky. The reason is that the aromas fade quite fast through the straight walls of the glass. But if you want to enjoy whisky in a tumbler, you should do so in the Stockholm 27cl whisky tumbler or the Inalto 35cl. These whisky glasses are particularly suitable for whisky lovers who want to enjoy their drink on the rocks. You can also opt for the Old Fashioned 35cl vintage whisky glass. This glass is impressive because of its design. A classic among glasses, which has become extremely popular again after many years. The old fashioned glass, rocks glass or lowball glass are short tumblers used to serve spirits, such as whisky, on the rocks.

Gift idea: create your own personalised whisky glass

Gifts for a birthday, anniversary or Christmas need to be sustainable today. The theme of sustainability is essential and omnipresent. The purpose of a gift is to please, but also to be reusable and long lasting. That's why nothing is more appropriate as a gift idea than to create a personalised whisky glass. This gift will not only delight a whisky connoisseur, but also a whisky beginner. On Glassmania you can personalise whisky glasses with an engraving from a minimum order of 6 pieces. The best thing is that the glasses are not only printed with a simple monochrome engraving, but they can be printed with any colour you might wish! Whether you want to print a special logo, a saying, a text or a special design. It can be created quickly and easily online in the glass configurator. 

The ideal gift for whisky lovers

A whisky glass can be as different as whisky itself. Whisky can be enjoyed in good company or alone by the fire. With a cigar, of course. All whisky lovers love their whisky glasses. A glass should not be chosen randomely. That's why a personalised whisky glass is an excellent gift. 

A personalised whisky glass with engraving for your wedding

Do you know a whisky lover who is getting married soon? Then we have a special surprise for you: a personalised whisky glass for the wedding. The special thing is that you can personalise the whisky glass with the name of each guest for an event. The advantage of a unique and personal glass is that there’s no chance for the glasses to get mixed up. Moreover, this makes them excellent for seating guests and table decorations.

A personalised whisky glass as a guest gift

It can be difficult to choose an appropriate gift for a guest. It should be useful, but not too expensive either. A personalised whisky glass meets exactly these criteria. It can be used not only as a table decoration but also as a guest gift. So this idea has two uses: on the one hand as a decoration and on the other hand as a guest gift, for example for your wedding. As glass is an everyday object, this gift will be used again and again and the memory will never fade. 

An engraved whisky glass for a stag or hen party

A stag or hen party should be celebrated the right way. If there are whisky lovers among the party-goers, engraved whisky glasses should be an excellent gift. For a special touch, these glasses can be personalised with each person's name. Instant WOW effect!

Engraved whisky glass as a corporate gift

Every year you ask yourself the same question: what should you give your business partners, employees or customers as an end-of-year gift? If you are in the spirits business, an engraved whisky glass is the ideal Christmas present. In this day and age, it is extremely important that gifts last for a long time. An engraved whisky glass is therefore the ideal way to make your employees, partners or customers happy. With a whisky glass engraved with the company logo, customers, partners and employees can be thanked for their loyalty and trust. Every time your customers use it, they will remember your company. An engraved whisky glass is therefore an excellent idea to strengthen the relationship with your customers and to stand out from other classic and traditional corporate gifts.

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