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Which glass for rosé wine?

Rosé wine glasses are very similar to white wine glasses. They are also characterised by their small shape and a small cup. Unlike white wine glasses, rosé wine glasses tend to be more slender in height because the aroma of a rosé wine is more concentrated in a smaller glass. This is because rosé wines are generally very dry and fruity. Thus, the aromas are much better perceived in the mouth when the glass is smaller. Rosé wines are usually drunk very cool, so these wines should also be served in stemmed glasses. Holding a glass by the stem prevents the wine in it from heating up too quickly. The right glass will allow the wine to express its finesse and complex bouquet.

The choice of glass is essential for good rosé wine tasting. The shape, the thickness of the glass and even the roundness of the rim play an important role. As rosé glasses are generally rounded at the opening, the sweetness of the wine will be tasted first and the acidity is perceived later. For a rosé wine, it is important that the glass is not too thick so that the beautiful colour of the wine can be observed. In addition, choose a transparent glass so that you can admire the colour and the beautiful tones of rosé wines in the light.

Discover all the customisable rosé wine glasses suitable for home and professional use. Rosé wines are best enjoyed in a taller, slimmer wine glass as they are dominated by top notes and do not need to be over-oxygenated. The smaller opening allows the light, floral and fruity aromas to develop directly in the mouth. This is why the 38cl Carré wine glass and the 36cl Universal Tasting premium wine glass are perfect for tasting.

How to drink a rosé?

Rosé wine has been getting trendier in recent years. Not only are the bottles themselves becoming more modern, but the wine is also becoming more innovative. Rosé wine is now available in all its forms. Depending on the grape variety and the vinification method, you can find different aromas in rosé wine, such as: 

  • Fruity aromas: exotic, citrus, peach, red fruit
  • Sweet flavours
  • Floral notes
  • Spicy flavours such as cinnamon, vanilla or caramel

Rosé is the summer drink by excellence with its very agreeable freshness. Rosé wine should be drunk at a temperature between 8°C and 10°C. Place it in the refrigerator just before serving and remember that rosé wine is best drunk young. As it ages, it loses its colour and aroma. Generally speaking it should be consumed within 2 years.

Rosé wine can be drunk in a classic way or in many variations. A famous example is the "Rosé Piscine" , a glass of rosé with a few ice cubes. If you plan to drink rosé with ice cubes, we strongly recommend that you choose a large rosé wine glass.

The rosé wine cocktail

This refreshing way to enjoy a rosé wine is a real summer hit. The best rosé cocktails are those that add a little something to the already wonderful taste of the wine, like this simple rosé wine cocktail: 

With fresh lemon and grapefruit (it would also be delicious with blood orange), a splash of gin, a dash of syrup (we prefer honey) and crushed ice, this drink is ready in no time. For such a rosé wine cocktail, a medium-cup wine glass is preferable. 

Pink mimosas with lychee

As much as we love classic mimosas, it's nice to take a break from orange juice and spice it up with seasonal ingredients - in this case, lychee.

This stone fruit has a slightly sweet flavour and is widely available, even if you don't live on a tropical island. Although fresh lychees are always best, this recipe uses canned lychees in syrup.  If you prefer to include the whole lychee fruit in the rosé wine, we recommend a very large wine glass, such as the 71cl Vino Grande. 

Rosé watermelon slushy

Frosé may be trendy, but we like to remember our childhood and opt for a slushy. This recipe also features our second favourite summer ingredient: watermelon. The drink is thick and fruity and resembles a smoothie.

For a fresher taste, freeze the rosé in the morning - in a freezer-safe container, NOT in the bottle - and mix the semi-frozen wine with the watermelon and a handful of ice cubes just before serving. For an extra refreshing touch, add a pinch of fresh mint to the mixture before blending. Enjoy!

A rosé wine glass with an engraving

Whether you enjoy your rosé as a classic or as an extraordinary cocktail: Nothing is more beautiful than a rosé wine glass with an engraving of your text, photo or logo. This way of personalising wine glasses allows you to create a real attraction. You can personalise glasses on Glassmania from an order of minimum 6 pieces. The personalisation of glasses is particularly suitable for restaurants but also as a gift for your loved ones. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help with the customization. We are here to help you create the most beautiful rosé wine glass with an engraving. 

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