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Which red wine glass to choose for red wine?

When it comes to red wine, you have a lot of choices. There are many different glasses that are suitable for red wine. Unfortunately, the choice is not always easy. Here’s our tips to show you what makes a good red wine glass. 

Generally, red wine is drunk from a larger wine glass than white or rosé wine. A very distinctive feature of red wine glasses is the very large chalice. The shape and volume are much more important than in white wine glasses. As red wine needs a lot of air, a large surface area is required in the glass so that the wine can be supplied with sufficient oxygen. This oxygen supply allows the optimal release of the wine’s aromas. For this reason, a glass of red wine is often swirled before drinking. With red wines, you can choose the optimal shape of the glass as soon as you know the wine being tasted.

Which red wine glass for a Pinot Noir, Gamay or Cabernet Franc?

Very young, low-tannin red wines should be drunk from smaller red wine glasses. Several factors influence the tannin content of a red wine: the grape variety, the winemaking method and whether or not the wine is aged in oak barrels. As these lighter red wines tend to be fruitier on the palate, these aromas would come out better in smaller glasses. 

Which red wine glass for Merlot, Syrah or Malbec?

Red wines that are very rich in tannins should be drunk from glasses with a rather slender chalice. Tannins are naturally present in plants and wine grapes and have remarkable antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and antimicrobial properties. They add structure to the wine and substance to the palate. Highly tannic wines are, for example, Merlot or Syrah varieties. A slender red wine glass will be the best choice to bring out the fruity notes of these wines. 

Those who like very aromatic red wines know that they should be drunk from very large glasses. The large surface area of the glass allows the wine to oxygenate more easily and more strongly. This allows the complexity of the wine to be tasted. 

In general, the red wine glass should have a wide base to ensure optimal aeration of the wine.

Do not confuse oxygenation with decanting: 

  • Oxygenation allows the wine to free itself and become fuller.
  • Decanting is the act of protecting a wine, often vintage, from the brutal aggression of oxygen while ridding it of all the deposits generated by years of aging.

So don't hesitate to swirl the wine in your glass to oxygenate it. Here again, the shape of the glass is important to avoid disasters on the white tablecloth!

Our selection of designer red wine glasses

On Glassmania, we have selected a wide variety of glasses for red wine. Discover all our customizable red wine glasses suitable for home and professional use. Red wine needs to oxygenate in a wine glass with enough space to release its complex bouquet. This is why red wine glasses are usually large, with a domed bowl and a wide opening. This allows for a better transmission of aromas and a smoother tasting experience. Let us introduce you to the 3 best red wine glasses in our catalogue: 

Red wine glass Robusto 55cl: This glass impresses not only by its elegance but also by its robustness. An aromatic wine deserves a heavy glass. For this reason, this glass is very suitable for wine tasting. With its 211 grams, this glass is not only heavy in the hand, but it also supports the heaviness of a wine like Merlot or Syrah. It will create an excellent taste experience on the palate and to the touch. 

Red wine glass Square 53cl: This red wine glass is distinguished by its elegance and long style. The length of the glass, from the chalice to the narrow opening, facilitates the concentration of the wine's aromas. This glass is often used in restaurants, as it not only flatters the wine, but it is also pleasing the eyes.

Vino Grande 71cl red wine glass: This wine glass is one of the largest wine glasses in the Glassmania range. The sight of this glass makes the heart of every wine lover beat faster. The best red wines are enjoyed in this glass for an optimal experience. The very round cup is perfect to allow the wine to develop its aromas. 

Create your own engraved red wine glass with Glassmania

Go to our online configurator to brighten up your boring neutral glasses! With Glassmania, you can customize your glass very easily by adding a text, a template or by uploading your own logo. If you don't have a definitive logo and you need to create one, our graphic designer service will be happy to help you. 

Choose your favourite red wine glass from our catalogue and create your own design from scratch. Even better, each glass can be engraved with a different name. Nothing better to make your red wine glass original and unique. 

A personalised red wine glass is a great gift idea

Are you planning a party or looking for a nice personalised gift? Personalised red wine glasses are a perfect idea for any wine lover. Give a unique and personal birthday, wedding or anniversary gift that always makes people happy. Imagine receiving a personalised red wine glass as a gift? You will obviously be delighted.

A personalised red wine glass for your vineyard or your company

Do you have a vineyard? Then your personalised red wine glasses can help promote it. Your logo is unique and recognisable. If you print it on your own glasses, you will certainly strengthen your brand image.

For companies, we can offer beautiful gifts to employees with personalised glasses. These can also be packaged and sent in a beautiful and elegant box. Thanks to the digital printing method, each glass can also be personalised with a different name. Writing the name of your employees or customers on each glass makes it a 100% unique corporate gift. Try our online glass configurator now.

If you need help with glass engraving, don't hesitate to contact us. 

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