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Buy and customise water glasses online

Water glasses are an essential in any kitchen, and can be used for any occasion. Serving juices, syrups, cocktails, cold coffees and all other drinks you consume, is possible in a water glass. Glassmania gives you the option to personalize your glasses to match perfectly with the rest of your tableware. An original water glass is also perfect as a gift!
There are several ways to choose a suitable water glass. First of all, you need to think about how you want to use your glass. Whether you want to use it at home, at work, at a bar or in a restaurant. Then you will be able to choose the glass more easily according to its characteristics and features.

Water glasses suitable for home use

Water glasses for your home can be elegant or robust. Especially if you have children in your family, you should choose glasses that are suitable for small children's hands and not too thin. Here on Glassmania we suggest small round water glasses. The round shape of the glasses fits well in the hand and prevents the glass from breaking too quickly. One of the most popular water glasses is the Primary 35cl. Because of its round shape, this glass also has a very large print area and can be engraved with colourful designs. 
If you prefer a stackable water glass to save storage space, you can buy the Kaleido 37cl water glass. In addition to the beautiful embossed diamonds inside the glass, it can also be personalised to add your personal touch!

Water glasses for business

Most of our days are spent at work. To make sure you don't forget to drink enough water, there should be no shortage of water glasses in the workplace. For offices, we suggest large water glasses so that you don't have to overfill the glass. It's practical because you don't have to get up every time to fill your glass. A very modern and large water glass is the Cidra 55cl. This glass is very practical and suitable for any company. You can even combine your glasses with a glass carafe to make it extra special.
If you want to personalise the glasses for your employees or customers, you can do so quickly and easily on Glassmania. Upload your logo directly into the glass designer. The engraved water glasses will certainly make a great impression on your employees and customers. 

Water glasses for hotels and restaurants

Depending on the type of restaurant you have, very elegant or very sturdy water glasses are ideal. In a restaurant, café or bar, water glasses are washed more often and therefore need to be very durable. For your gourmet restaurant, we suggest very fine and refined glasses. These glasses are very elegant and underline the quality of your restaurant. For this purpose we suggest the Vino Grande 32.5cl or the Inalto 35cl water glass. 
For your café or bar, there is nothing better than Iceland water glasses available in various sizes. These glasses are well known for their great robustness. 

Create your own engraved water glasses

All water glasses can be ordered on Glassmania with an engraving. This is possible with a minimum order of 6 pieces. For screen printing, the minimum quantity is 24 pieces in one colour and 120 pieces for a multicolour print. 
Why personalise your glasses with an engraving? There are several reasons. A water glass looks very dull and boring. With an engraving in many different colours, you can spice up and brighten up your glasses. Engraving is also important for a company as it reinforces the brand identity. Personalised water glasses are also an excellent corporate gift for employees or customers. Thanks to the 360° service, we can offer gift boxes tailored to your glasses. If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to create the most beautiful and exclusive corporate gift for you. 

A personalised water glass as a corporate gift

Sometimes you spend hours looking for a gift idea to give your employees to thank them for the work they have done. Why look for a long time when a very useful everyday object can be personalised quickly and easily. A corporate gift should be very personal and emotional for everyone. Thanks to the digital printing process, we can print each employee's name on the glass. This hyper-personalisation is sure to create strong emotions while reinforcing the brand identity. 
Browse the wide selection of water glasses now and personalise them with your personal design, text or logo. If you need help, you can contact us via the contact form. Our friendly customer service team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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