Brandy glass Mixology 46.5 cl

Technical Data
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Weight0.140000 Kg
Height127 mm
Diameter96.7 mm
Filling capacity46.5 cl


Price per unit without personalisation price € 9.84

Brandy glass Mixology 46.5 cl overview


The Mixology glass has a capacity of 46.5cl, which is perfect for brandy. Its tulip shape will diffuse the aromas perfectly and allows for the best olfactory examination with concetrated aromas. The transparency of the glass make it possible to admire the colour of the brandy. With this glass you will be able to have the optimal experience from smell, to appearance and of course taste.

The tulip shape with its stem will allow you to hold your glass without warming your drink. Despite the beautiful effects on this glass, it's still possible to personalise it because the outside of the glass is perfectly smooth.

Brandy glass Mixology 46.5 cl

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