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Personalised wine glass for any occasion

Your unique personalised wine glass - nothing could be easier! You choose your favourite glass from our catalogue, select a model or create your design from A to Z. Your personalised wine glass can be decorated with your logo, name, text or photo. 

  • A personalised wine glass for your wedding
  • A personalised wine glass as a guest gift
  • A personalised wine glass - For your restaurant, your cellar or even for tastings
  • A personalised wine glass - for your company

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A personalised wine glass - quick and easy personalisation at Glassmania !

At Glassmania you will find a selection of different wine glasses in the online catalogue. All wine glasses are dishwasher safe and of the highest quality. The wine glasses can be customised in the glass configurator on Glassmania. In the glass configurator you can choose between screen printing and digital printing. Here you will find more information on both printing methods. 

You can personalise your wine glasses in just a few steps. You can choose different models or upload your own logo, add names or photos. A special feature is that you can number the wine glasses or personalise them with individual names. All designs can be printed in relief on the wine glasses. This further enhances the tactile experience of the wine glass.


A personalised wine glass as a beautiful gift

A personalised wine glass for at home is not only very chic, a personalised wine glass also lends itself perfectly as a gift to all wine lovers. 

A personalised wine glass is ideal to add a real personal touch to your home or to offer as a birthday, wedding or company gift to customers or employees.

A personalised wine glass for your wedding

More and more couples are daring the adventure and customising wine glasses for their wedding. A personalised wine glass is therefore a nice surprise for the guests, a nice souvenir, thanks to the durability of the glass and above all very useful, because a wine glass is used very often.

A personalised wine glass as a guest gift

2 in 1: A unique guest gift and at the same time a beautiful table decoration. Often one looks for a long time to offer a nice gift to the wedding guests and for a party. With a personalised wine glass, you are not doing anything wrong: a durable and useful gift!  For the wedding, but even for a big party, you can personalise your wine glass with a photo, text or logo that has been designed for this event.

A personalised wine glass - For your restaurant, your cellar or even for tastings

The wine glass is an indispensable everyday object that comes in many shapes and sizes. A special wine glass becomes even more special if it is personalised to distinguish it from other brands. But how do you choose the right wine glass for the right type of wine? Good wine tasting always starts with the right choice of wine glass. Indeed, the choice of glass influences the pleasure of the taste and the pleasure of the eyes. For example, the development of the aromas of a wine served in a crystal glass becomes more intense and aromatic. In addition, the shape and size of the wine glass determines the development and reaction of the wine during tasting.

  • A beer wine with a fill line for you restaurant or bar

At Glassmania you can order your wine glasses directly with a fill line. The fill line is used to improve the traceability of the wine glasses and the accuracy of the service. If you sell drinks by the glass, you need to add a fill line for your bar or restaurant. fill lines can be printed in any colour to match your logo.

A personalised wine glass - for your company

Every year, you probably ask yourself the same question: what am I offering my partners, employees or clients for Christmas? In today's world, it is important that the gift is lasting and above all useful. A personalised wine glass is a good way to thank your customers or employees. A personalised wine glass can be combined with a good bottle of wine and 2 glasses in a nice gift wrapping. A personalised wine glass is therefore a great idea to strengthen your relationship with your customers and stand out from other traditional corporate gifts. Such a generous and unique gift will surprise your customers and employees.

  • A plastic-free company - the growing trend

A personalised wine glass is not only beautiful to look at, but also a great way to reduce the amount of plastic in a company. Companies often use plastic cups for aperitifs. More and more companies are taking the decision to invest in personalised glass wine glasses to match the trend of "zero plastic" and "zero waste".


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At Glassmania, you can choose the printing technique that suits your needs. The advantages of each printing method are presented here.


Glass Configurator


With the highly advanced glass configurator you can personalise your glasses quickly and easily online. Use your own designs or choose from our wide range of templates. 


Order plain glasses


At Glassmania, all glasses or bottles can be ordered without personalisation.


Exceptional customer service


A question or a problem? Don’t worry, our excellent customer service takes care of all concerns personally.


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Glassmania ensures the safety of your products during transport.

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